Saturday, August 16, 2014

Uncle Bill & Cousin Pepper!

Today has been great. This afternoon I officially adopted Chi #6! Yes, the little white one that is blind in one eye. I knew I was going to adopt her since the day we rescued her and ever since Monday, I've been trying to figure out what to name her, because she is so special and has already been through so much.

This afternoon, right after 3:00, Buttermilk took Tony, Chi #6 and me to Pet Plus Supplies, in Kerrville, because I wanted to buy "what's her name" a pretty pink collar and matching leash, etc. And #6 did fine on the ride to town, because I held her in my arms.

After we three picked out her collar and leash we visited the toy isle and while we were picking out some toys for the Chi's I spotted a large, fake sheepskin, bone-shaped—Mr. Fluffy. "Tony, we've got to get this for #6, because Yoda loved hers and it will be like a security blanket to her." Then I put it inside the pushcart, where "what's her name" was so she could check it out, while we shopped for tiny dog treats for all of the Chi's to enjoy.

When our $76.00 shopping spree was done, Tony took #6 to the Expedition, so they could wait for me, in air conditioning, while I bought a few groceries, at the little H-E-B.

While I was shopping and about halfway through with my grocery list, I heard a woman, behind me, softly say, "I want you to know that I've been stalking you all through the store." So I turned around and this very nice woman, about my age, but much prettier, was smiling at me. "Cousin Nancy, my name is Melody and I read your blog everyday and I love it. When I saw you shopping, I wanted to catch up with you because I really wanted to meet you and...."

"Well my goodness," I said. "I'm not that hard to catch, because I'm old and walk real slow. Thank you for your kind words though—you just made my day sort of. I mean, earlier today I officially adopted one of the Chihuahuas and that has already made my day great and you've just added to it. Thank you."

"Did you adopt the white one that is blind in one eye?" Melody asked. "She's so cute."

"Yep." Then we talked about the Chihuahuas for a few minutes.

"Oh, I am so sorry about you losing Mama. What a beautiful dog. She was a very lucky dog to have found you and..." Melody's sweet sympathies about Mama made me start to tear up and I could barely talk, as I stood by the Kraft Classic Catalina salad dressing shelf. We visited for a few more minutes and before we adios-ed each other I invited Melody to come out to the rescue ranch for a fun visit. And she said she would and I hope that she does.

On our way back to the ranch, I put Mr. Fluffy next to #6 and she instantly loved it and slept all of the way home with her head resting on it.

When we got back home, Tony said, "Nance, please go inside and let all of the Chihuahuas come outside, because I am sure they need to relieve themselves, while I put "Little One," in the yard and carry the groceries up to the house."

Omg! When I opened the front door, I about fainted, because all of the Chihuahuas were out of their puppy pen, standing around Belle, in the big room. Belle gave me one of those looks that said, "I didn't let them out." And I believed her.

Then Tony walked inside The Cabin and said, "What?" And once again, Belle wrinkled her forehead and without words, she said, "It's not my fault and I'm glad that y'all are home. These little dogs have been driving me crazy." Then Tony told Belle and the Chi's to go outside and potty and they did and they potty-ed.

Thirty minutes later, after Tony had put #6's pink collar on her, I grabbed the great Grady Spears cookbook that Eileen gave to Tony for his birthday, so I could show it to Carol and Bill, while Tony picked up #6, attached her pink leash to her collar, grabbed his camera and Mr. Fluffy, because we were going over to visit Carol and Bill.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at Carol's ranch and I was thrilled, because "what's her name" had slept peacefully all of the way over there, because of Mr. Fluffy. After Carol and Bill had raved about how lucky and cute #6 was and had introduced us to Bill's cute, sweet dog, Pepper, we went inside Carol's ranch house for a super fun happy hour. And while we visited little "what's her name" slept soundly, with Mr. Fluffy, right next to my boots.

While I was showing Carol & Bill some of the recipes in the fabulous cookbook that Eileen gave to Tony, Carol said, "Bill is a fabulous cook and some of his best recipes are from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier by Ree Drummond." Then she handed me the cool cookbook, so I could check out some of the recipes, while they checked out Grady Spears recipes. And when all was said and done—we decided to loan each other the cookbooks until we see each other tomorrow.

When I started complaining about not finding a great name for #6, Bill who was sitting between Carol and me reached down and petted "what's her name," and said, "Hi, Tootsie."

"Oh my goodness, Bill!" I said. "You've just named my dog! And I love it. Tootsie is absolutely perfect! Tootsie, Uncle Bill has just named you!....Thank you, so much." 

When happy hour ended, Carol, Bill and Pepper, aka affectionately sometimes called Dennis The Menace, walked us outside and I said, "Tony, before we go would you please take a picture of Uncle Bill & Cousin Pepper with Tootsie and me?" Seconds later, Bill picked up Pepper, his pride and joy, and Tony shot us.

On our way home, I took this picture of Tootsie sleeping soundly, next to me, with Mr. Fluffy.

When we got back home, Belle, our official Chi's-sitter greeted us, at the front door and all was good, because the four Chihuahuas were sound asleep, in the puppy pen. "Let's go potty!" Tony said, as he woke them up and opened the pen's gate.

While they were outside doing what Tony had suggested they do I took this picture of Belle in the yard with the Chi's.

Then Tony took this adorable picture of Tootsie.

And when we came back inside, I put Mr. Fluffy, on the table, next to Carol's Pioneer Woman's cookbook along with Tootsie's pink leash and took this picture. Then I went online and purchased the cookbook, with the fabulous recipes, because after hearing Carol and Bill rave about the delicious recipes in Ree Drummond's cookbook—I just had to have it, too. 

Y'all have a great evening! And Melody, please come see us, because I really enjoyed meeting you!

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Fay said...

Tootsie looks awfully comfortable in your arms, Nance! so happy for you!! I would love to take one of the Girls, but, Canada is fairly unforgiving with their cold weather and winters. I'd have to dress the dog up in a winter coat and sweaters half it's life... not cool, no pun intended LOL Besides, you know I'm much better with a big boy, goofy and silly, that no one else wants to take home. Let's work on that, I'm feeling lonely and really need a wee/big boy to fill my heart again.
I'm sure you have just the guy to fill the role, just let me know who you think would like to come up to Canada, life of the ice and snow.
much love,
Fay xo