Monday, August 11, 2014

The Wedding Crasher!

It is now 7:20 and we've just gotten back home, but I want you to know that today has been more than fantastic! I ended up crashing the coolest wedding that I've ever been to in my life and early this evening Tony and I received an emergency phone call and we went and rescued six, adorable, female dogs, in Bandera County. Then we immediately rushed them to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, in Kerrville, to get them spayed, given all their shots and treated for whatever else they might need!

I was planning to write all about this evening, but time has gotten away from me and a just a few minutes ago Sandy & Jon called me to tell me that Robin Williams is dead. And like everyone who loved Robin Williams, I am sad and totally sick about it.

Tomorrow I promise to write all about today and I have plenty of wedding pictures and our six rescued dog's pictures to share.

Y'all have a great evening if you can.

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