Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Countdown!

Today has been great. This afternoon we went to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Home Town Crafts, because I was hoping to buy some small metal letters and numbers, because I want to make a headstone for Mama's grave. I love the craft store, but unfortunately they didn't have what I wanted.

So we went to Home Depot, so I could buy a pink rose bush to plant by Mama's grave. Then I went to check out their metal letters and numbers, for addresses, etc. were bigger than I wanted. So, I suggested that I (we, of course) make Mama a limestone grave marker instead. So, we went back to the garden area and bought a 14" x 12" limestone paver and a really heavy, 5" thick by 8" tall thing used for landscaping flowerbeds.

Then we went back inside the store and grabbed several engraving bits for our routers, before we went to the checkout counter.

Our last stop was at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so we could check on the six Chihuahuas that we rescued Monday evening. When we walked inside the clinic, Kathy and Robin greeted us and then they started raving about how sweet and great our little, Chihuahua-six-pack was. They told us that the small dogs had been covered in fleas and had been bathed and treated for fleas. The six girls loved to kiss everyone on the cheek and they were all very calm and not shaky like some Chihuahuas can be and they are not barkers, etc. Which of course, thrilled Tony and me, because when Tony and I rescued them, we thought they seemed to be pretty cool little dogs, too.

Then Kathy told us that they had temporarily put 1-6 numbered, tape-collars on them until I come up with names for them, so we can keep the records straight and then she handed me their paperwork and rabies certificates. "Dr. Chavira spayed all six this morning, gave them all of their vaccinations and all of them tested heart worm negative. They are healthy and good to go!"

That put a huge smile on our faces. "This is wonderful news," I said. "But, we can't take them home today, but tomorrow afternoon, we will pick them up. Can we go see them, because we were in such a hurry, Monday evening, to rescue them and get them to the clinic before y'all closed? I want to see them cleaned up, instead of the way they came in."

Seconds later, the six, adorable, female Chihuahuas were staring at us—as we stared back at them none of them barked at us and they were all wagging their tails, as they tried to lick our fingers. "I am thinking of adopting one of them and so is Tony," I said. "I'm thinking of adopting Chihuahua #6,  the little white one, with the bad eye."

"She is about three-years-old and only blind in that eye. The vet told us that it wasn't bothering her and there was no reason to remove the eye unless it starts bothering her."

"I really like that little, brindle and white one," Tony said. "Chihuahua #1."

"She's great and only about two-years-old, Tony," Robin said. "In fact, all of them are about two-years-old except for #6, that Nancy wants and Chihuahua #5, the tri-colored one, because she is about three-years-old, too...."

When Tony and I got back home, my good friend Judith Pannebaker, the editor for the Bandera County Courier had called and left a message for me, on Carlton. "....Call me, Nancy, as soon as you can..."

After I called Judith back and had had a fun conversation with her and then e-mailed her some photos that she had requested, I sat down at my computer and pulled up the pictures that I had hurriedly taken of the Chihuahuas, when we rescued them Monday evening, so I could match them up with Hoegemeyer's paperwork that Kathy had given to me.

So y'all, please excuse these pictures that I took on Monday, of the Chihuahuas, because Tony was pulling them so fast from their pen, I only had seconds to take pictures of them, because as soon as he would hand me one, Becky would hold it for me and then I would take it as fast as I could and go put it in the crates, inside Buttermilk. And none of them look like this anymore, because they are healthy, clean and happy and I cannot wait to update their pictures. Here's the countdown from 6 to1 when we rescued them on Monday:

#6 White Chihuahua—3 years old and blind in one eye—5.5 lbs. (The one I want.)

#5 Tri-colored Chihuahua—three-years-old—6.8 lbs.

#4—Tan and white Chihuahua—two-years-old—9.9 lbs.

#3—Tan Chihuahua—two-years-old—7.3 lbs.

#2—Tan and white Chihuahua—two-years-old—6.2 lbs.

#1—Brindle and white—two-years-old—7.1 lbs. (Tony's favorite and a lousy picture.)

Tomorrow afternoon when we bring them home, the adorable, sweet Chihuahuas will stay, in my office, between the big room and Tony's office, until we can find great homes for all of them, because they are too small to be outside. So, if you want a wonderful, sweet, beautiful Chihuahua—please give me a call at the rescue ranch, because these girls deserve the very best of homes.

Tomorrow night, I will have updated pictures of the girls and I cannot wait for you to see them now. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

OMG! They are so pretty! Congrats on the new additions, I just love #3. I'm sure you'll find no problem getting homes for these Sweeties.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! We got them home and they are precious. I hope you and Ian have fun tomorrow night at Kinky's concert in Toronto! Please tell him that I said hello and that all is good and I can't wait for him to meet the six new Chihuahuas!

Fay said...

Will do, Nance! Poor Kinky, it's really chilly here in Toronto! Glad to hear the Frilly Half Dozen are doing great and will be sure to share that news LOL