Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It Worked! or Dog To Go!

Today has been great! We got about 5 inches of rain last night and this morning, but I have even greater news to tell! A few days ago, when I posted the Chihuahua's new names on my blog, I kept my fingers crossed that our dear friend Marguerite—might consider adopting Chi #1, because I intentionally named that Chihuahua Marguerite and it worked! This is what I had posted Sunday night.

"Chi #1 is now Marguerite, named in honor of our good friend, who in the past has adopted two of our super dogs, Enzo and Odi, from us and who recently lost her dear old dog, who was the love of her life..."

On Monday, August 18, 2014 7:56 PM, Marguerite wrote:

"OK, that's just not fair. I've been tempted by your little brindle Chihuahua since the group appeared on line, and then you give her my name. Is that a sign or what?!? How does she get along with your bigger dogs? Marguerite"

So I wrote her back at 8:28 PM:

"Here's your sign! All of the Chi's love Roy (110 lb. sweet lovable Lab), Belle (65 lb. sweet mutt and Beau (Tony's 40lb. Blue Heeler). We already have all of them house-trained and they are all very cool (not shaky like some are). They are great with guests that show up and Marguerite is only 2 years old and she is a sweetheart, like you are. You could try her out to see if it works, too. No pressure. Nancy" 

On Monday, August 18, 2014 9:34 PM, Marguerite sent me this:

"Well then, when do you want to do this?"

This morning, after I told Tony the great news, I e-mailed this to Marguerite:

"This afternoon works for us. We are going to Kerrville after lunch. We can meet you or drop her off at Hoegemeyers. Whatever works for you...Nancy"

A little before 2:00, Tony and I dropped off Marguerite, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and Susan and Robin were already expecting her!

This evening at 6:51PM, Marguerite wrote:

"Boy, you didn't waste any time getting her here. I stopped by the vets after work for a bag of Kemo's food and got a dog to go!

She was a bit overwhelmed at first, but has settled in nicely already. After exploring the house and yard, she jumped up on the futon then over to the ottoman and curled up for a brief nap. She doesn't seem to mind her big, one-eyed shadow, and Scampy (was my mother's mini dachshund) doesn't seem bothered by her, which is good since I expect to put them together when I leave the house...away from the big dogs.

Sadly, my camera died 3 weeks ago, so I won't be sending pictures for a while, but I'll keep you up on her progress. I look forward to watching her personality blossom as she gets used to her new life. Thank you!  Marguerite"

Y'all have a great evening! And thank you, Marguerite!

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