Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Coud Not Wait!

Today has been a great day and rumor has it, as of 4:45 this afternoon, that Jackie Kennedy Onassis might get adopted on Monday if she gets along with their dog, Emmylou Harris, who was adopted from us a while back. So, Tony and I are keeping our fingers crossed for her, because she is a really cute dog.

Yesterday was great and was filled with excitement and that is why I didn't blog, because I was pretty tired. Friday morning when Tony returned home after drinking coffee with his friends at The Old Timer, his first words to me were, "We've got a new dog. Someone tied her to our gate after I left this morning. She's a great dog and I just put her into The Okay Corral...."

When our volunteers came out to walk our dogs I introduced them to the sweet, one-year-old dog and everyone fell in love with her. "She looks like a Molly to me," Kris said, so I decided that Molly would be her name.

While everyone was walking our dogs I kept coming inside The Cabin to check my e-mail and phone messages. I needed to okay the final proofs for my novella and then high-tail it to Bandera, to withdraw some cash, so I could go to Kerrville to deposit it into my book publishing business account, so I could get a certified check for the full payment and then rush to FedEx to overnight it.

When Carol showed up I told her about being excited about my novella and what all I needed to do before 3:00. Then she offered to lend me the cash to save me time from having to go to Bandera. "We can go to my bank to withdraw the money."

"And I will write you a check and you can deposit it right back into your account..."

When everyone was fixin' to go eat lunch I told them what all I needed to do and that Tony and I were fixin' to go pick up Carol and go to Kerrville, because time was of the essence and they totally understood.

Time wise, everything worked out in Kerrville and when we got back home, around 3:00, I checked my e-mail and the proofs were there for me to sign off on, but since the printing company was on Eastern Standard Time, I only had one hour to sign off on my novella.

When I looked at the proofs I was so thrilled, because they had done a great job for me, for the second time in two years. As soon as I signed off on the printing I called the printers and told them what all I had done in Kerrville and that the check would be there Monday morning. "As soon as we receive the check we will start printing your books," the nice woman said. Then I thanked her and asked her to please tell her staff at 48 HrBooks that I was thrilled with their work. Then I called Carol to ask if I could come over, for a minute, to show her the book cover, because I could not wait for her to see it.

When I showed the cover to Carol she loved it as much as me and I hope y'all do, too!

And here's the back of the novella.

And y'all have a great evening!

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Karin Pohlmann said...

Of course, I love it, too and I can´t wait to read!