Monday, December 3, 2012

El Sol de Mexico!

Today has been great. This morning before Tony and I went outside to do our chores I called the people in Akron, Ohio, who are printing my novella, to find out if they had received my certified cashiers check. "Yes, we have and your book has gone into production and it will be shipped on Wednesday and should arrive there on Tuesday, December 11th," the nice young woman said. I was thrilled about the good news and then went outside to work.

After I had cleaned a couple of dog pens, I came back to The Cabin to put on a rain coat, because it was misting. When I walked inside, Carlton was flashing me, because someone had left a message. So, I pushed Carlton's button and heard, "Hello, Nancy. This is Jon. Sandy and I want to know if y'all can meet us for lunch today. Call me."

I called Jon Wolfmueller and said, "We'd love to. We'll be finished with our chores around 11:15. How does twelve-ish sound?"

Ten minutes before twelve Tony and I walked into Wolfmueller's Books and their bookstore was full of tourists and Kerrverts buying their books. In between them checking out customers and helping people find their books, we decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant that Tony and I never knew existed. "You'll love it," Sandy told us. "It's one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants and it is right down the street. It used to be a gasoline station and they have converted into a really fun place to dine."

"Where is it?" Tony asked.

"On Water Street going towards Schreiner University. You can't miss it, because it will be on the left and the building is painted orange," Jon said.

"Who's minding the store for y'all while we're gone?" I asked.

"Mary Jo," Sandy said, as Mary Jo walked up.

"Hi, Mary Jo," I said. "You're in my new book."

Mary Jo chuckled and said, "So, I get to buy your book." A few minutes later, we adios-ed Sandy, Jon and Mary Jo and left the bookstore, so we could go meet the Wolfmuellers for a super fun lunch.

When we pulled up to El Sol de Mexico, Sandy and Jon pulled up right behind us and we went inside to grab us a table before the lunch crowd arrived. As soon as we sat down at a table a friendly waiter came to our table and told us that their daily Special was number twenty-six and then he asked us what we wanted to drink. It was like a wave, because we each said, "Tea," and it made me laugh, because I felt like we were on another fun vacation with our good friends.

After the waiter had served us our tea and put chips and salsa on the table he took our order. "I'll have the Special," I said.

"Me, too" Tone said.

"I'll have the Special, too," Sandy said.

""Me, too," Jon said, which made me laugh out loud, because we had ordered the same thing again. Which was two cheese enchiladas, refried beans, rice, a puffy taco and a chalupa. About fifteen minutes later when the waiter put our special lunch plates down on our table, we had already laughed a lot, as we caught up with each others news.

When I took my first bite of everything on my plate I would say, "Oh my god, I love this. These beans, enchiladas, puffy taco, chalupa and rice are the best and they all agreed with me. "This place is fixin' to be Tone's and my favorite  Mexican food restaurant. The vibes in here are great and this is the best Tex-Mex food that I've ever eaten in Kerrville..."

I am generally a half a plate eater and always leave the other half of the food left on the plate, but I am embarrassed to say that today I cleaned my plate, because the food was so delicious.

Early this evening I went over to visit with Carol and after I had told her about discovering this great Mexican restaurant, she told me, "In Spanish, El Sol de Mexico translated, means the Mexican Sun," or something like that. And that is about it for this evening.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

November 11, eh? Will that publishing company use monks with feather pens that to transcribe your novella?

I hope we're still alive come next November so we can finally read your novella. At David's and my age, just waking up every day is something to be grateful for!

Ok, so I've overdone it a bit about the typo. But you know "I" have never made a typo myself... (and then I woke up....)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari. Laugh out loud, I meant December 11th and have just changed it. I hope that you and David like the characters that I have invented for y'all. Who knows (but I do) you might not really be who Fay says you are. That's for me to know and y'all to find out. : )

What would Eileen do? said...

El Sol also sells the best tamales I've ever had - they will be selling a bunch in the next 3 weeks before Christmas. They sell for $10/doz. and they are freshly made, hot to go! Get some, ya'll will love them too! Sorry you missed a great girls trip to Central Market and Shady Grove in Austin. Lisa drove and she's a pro driver in the big city!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eilen. Ronnie loves their tamales, too! Since you love their tamales too, they must be good.

What Would Eileen Do? said...

Oh PLEASE, Ronnie has never heard of Del Sol much less taken a bite of their tamales! Ronnie Smonnie ... heeheehee.

cousin nancy said...

Am still laughing!