Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pendletons!

Today has been great. This morning Jim, June, Ellen and Kris, our friends/volunteers came out and walked our dogs and we loved it and our dogs loved it even more.

While they walked our happy dogs Tony's friends Melanie and Terry, who he had met during his Texas Master Naturalists Hill Country Chapter course, came out to see our rescue ranch and we had a fun time visiting with them. And they especially loved meeting Roy Rogers, my ninety-five pound four-legged soul mate.

After Terry and Melanie left, we went up to Koyote Ranch, to visit with our friends, while they ate lunch. Tony and I didn't eat there, because we were meeting our dear friends Cheryl and Walt for a fun lunch at El Sol de Mexico at 1:30. (Cheryl and Walter are characters in my upcoming novella, The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Membership Drive Part I.)

When Tony and I walked into our new favorite Mexican food restaurant, for the fourth time this week, Peto, their super waiter, chuckled when he saw us walk in before greeting us. As usual, Tony and I sat at our table, the same table that we have sat at with Sandy and Jon on Monday, Carol on Tuesday, Carol on Thursday and today with Cheryl and Walt.

Our lunch with Walter and Cheryl was so much fun and it was filled with non-stop laughter and interesting stories. As we ate our delicious lunch, our dear friends told us that their Christmas present for us was being delivered to us today by UPS, so we thanked them in advance even though we had no idea what it was, because they wouldn't tell us.

When Tony and I got home Carlton was flashing on the breakfast bar, so I pushed his button and heard Dusty Pendleton, tell us that he and Martha wanted to come out and adopt Jackie Kennedy Onassis, so Tony called them back to let them know that we had the gate opened for them.

Then the dogs outside started barking. "UPS is here," Tony said and then he went outside to meet with the friendly UPS driver.

When he came back inside he was carrying a big, five inch thick box. "I wonder what it is?" I said, as Tony used his box cutter to open up the box. Inside was a beautiful gift wrapped box with a card from Cheryl and Walt. After we read their sweet note to us Tony unwrapped the box and then our jaws dropped to the floor. "Oh my god, it's a Pendleton Journey blanket! Tony, I have wanted to buy a Pendleton blanket for the longest time, but never have because they are so expensive. It's so beautiful and the colors are perfect."

After Tony and I had admired our beautiful gift, I sat down at the computer to send an e-mail to Cheryl and Walt to let them know that their gift had arrived and that we absolutely loved it and while I was typing them a note the dogs started barking outside, again. "The Pendletons are here," Tony said. So, I had to stop in the middle of my note to my friends, to go outside to greet Dusty and Martha and get them to sign off on Jackie-O's adoption papers.

We visited with Martha and Dusty, while she filled out Jackie's adoption papers and then they hopped into their truck and followed us down to Jackie's pen. When Jackie saw it was the Pendletons she knew they had come back to adopt her and talk about one thrilled little dog. While Tony put their new blue collar on Jackie, I said, "We hope Emmylou Harris and her will get along, but remember if it doesn't we'll gladly take her back."

"We're pretty sure they will get along, because Emmylou loves meeting other dogs," Dusty told us. After Tony put Jackie's leash on, she ran out of her pen and could not wait to kiss Martha on the cheek and knew that she could not wait to leave our rescue ranch.

When it was time for them to leave with their precious cargo, Tony and I told them that we had our fingers crossed for Jackie and hoped that she and Emmylou would become fast friends. Then we adios-ed each other and they drove away.

As Kermit took us back to The Cabin I laughed and Tony asked me why. "Because today has been a really great day, because of the Pendletons. And that is about it for tonight. "Thank you, Cheryl, Walt, Martha and Dusty. We love y'all."

Y'all have a great evening!

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