Monday, December 17, 2012

Life Is Not Fair!

Today has been so much fun. Tony and I went to Kerrville late this morning to attend our friends/ volunteers second annual Ladies Christmas luncheon. If you are wondering why Tone went to it, it is because this year we decided to include the men.

When we arrived at Lisa's and Chuck's home, Tony and I were the first to arrive and I was thrilled not to be late. I was also very happy that I had remembered to bring a pebble, to place in Lisa's beautiful labyrinth, had remembered to bring the right kind of H-E-B brand guacamole, for Lisa's brisket tacos and had not forgotten to bring signed copies of my novella, as Tony's and my Christmas gifts to these great friends/volunteers.

Minutes after we had arrived, everyone showed up bringing gifts and the food and beverages, that they had signed up to bring. And the fun party began instantly, before Lisa and Chuck had served everyone their beer and wine refreshments.

Because up to now this has been an exclusive "girls only" party, the men stayed in the kitchen talking about men things at their kitchen table, while us hens left our drinks inside their house, so we could follow Lisa outside, so we could walk in Lisa's gigantic labyrinth and place our small rocks at the end of it.

June, Ellen, Eileen and Kris had brought beautiful, very interesting looking rocks and I brought a small heart-shaped rock, about the size of a silver dollar, that I had found in Tom Landry's and Buffy's pen earlier this morning, while I was cleaning it. (Don't worry. After we did our morning chores outside, I washed it in the kitchen sink and dried it, before I put it in my purse to take with me.)

After we had walked-the-walk and placed our rocks in Lisa's super cool labyrinth, we climbed the huge stone steps back up to the house, so we could grab our drinks and then have an official hen-party, outside on their patio.

First we opened up our gifts and laughed about some of them and I was having so much fun, until Ellen told Kris and me, who was sitting right next to me, "Y'all's gifts have not arrived yet, so I don't have anything to give to you. So, you must act like big girls and understand."

Kris laughed and smiled and acted like a big girl should, but I couldn't resist, so I stood up and jokingly, put my hands to my eyes and pretended to cry. "I can't believe that Ellen has ruined my Christmas. Everyone gets a present but Kris and me. Life is not fair..." After all of us had quit laughing about that, we kept on laughing about funny stories that we traded back and fourth. Then we went inside to eat a delicious lunch.

We first started with June's tasty homemade soup, that I want the recipe for, followed by mouth-watering brisket tacos and then Ellen's to-die-for-delicious cake, that she had bought at Central Market, in Austin, last week.

All in all, today's Annual Ladies Christmas Party, was a total blast and Tony can't wait until next year, to attend another one, if we choose to allow the men.

Kinky called me earlier this evening and he told me that his West Coast Bi-Polar Tour has been a lot of fun and that he is looking forward to returning to the ranch on Friday and I can't wait to see him and that is about it for tonight, except I want to say, "Merry Christmas, Ellen! I hope your gift gets here before Friday, because The World ends on Friday."
: )

Y'all have a great evening!

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