Thursday, May 30, 2019

Time & Temperature!

Today has been great and Tony and I and our four-leggers are enjoying the much cooler air inside, since turning on our three window air conditioning units. And here is a look at the present time & temperatures inside The Cabin and outside.

 As you can see it is only 81 degrees inside and 91 humid degrees outside and we can definitely live with that. So, because we broke our vows to go without using air conditioning until June 1st, we are  celebrating the lower, much more comfortable temperatures inside. And besides, it is only money.

As I finish writing this short post, Tony and I decided to not work on finishing the bedroom ceiling today as we had planned to do, because we just want to sit (let me take a nap with our dogs) and relax and give Tony's bum shoulder a day off. So Life is Good @ Big Foot Ranch. (Knock-on-Wood)

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

Amazing work on ya'll's parts! Congratulations on getting it done!

Just to share what really helped here during the summer - save up and buy honeycomb blinds for your windows even if you don't have double pane windows which also help.

I know that letting light, especially natural outdoor light, in to an otherwise dark cabin is important, but you can use the blinds in rooms you are not in and they really do help keep the heat out - especially during the day!

Research them online first, of course, and see if they're for you. If so, buy for one window at a time as you can afford it. If not, that's ok, too, natch.