Thursday, May 16, 2019

It Has Been A Good Trip!

Today has been great and so have the past few days. I am sorry for not writing lately, but Tony and I have been very busy this week. And every evening when I normally would write something for my blog I've just been too tired, so instead of writing I've been binge-watching Boston Legal, on Netflix.

Oh my goodness—I love Boston Legal! Every evening for the past couple of week Tony and I have been been addicted to watching this show and it is hilarious and full of surprises.

My favorite surprises have been when Betty White appears in the shows, because I love her and the quirky character that she plays. So, if you are looking for something fun to watch I highly recommend Boston Legal.

Chet O'Keefe sent me an e-mail this morning and in his e-mail he told me that "it has been a good trip." He also wrote:

"Last night was a place called Nestiboden which is the oldest wooden building in Norway. It used to be a storehouse for fishing boats. It was an older crowd and very warm friendly people."

After reading this about Nestiboden I was happy for Chet and then I got even more happy about (My Jack jacket) The Traveling Jacket having gone to Nestiboden. Because with the exception of Norwegians—not many people can brag that their jacket has been to Nestiboden—the oldest wooden building in Norway!

Then I read a little further: "I have been eating small sandwiches made with fish and caviar." And this is a picture of his sandwiches.

And Chet finished off his note with this: "The sky is still light here at 2 AM in the morning...." And this is the picture that he took of Bergen, Norway.

So  when I responded to Chet's e-mail, I wrote:

"....So you're eating tiny fish and caviar sandwiches. When I was in the 6th grade my teacher, Miss Reece, was from Russian and one day she made our class eat borscht and caviar to celebrate some Russian holiday. The borscht was okay, but the caviar was horrible and it came right back up. Not a pretty picture. And I got a D in citizenship on that awful day.

And now that I look back I am betting that my teacher was a Commie. That was in 1963 and the only two things that I remember about 1963 (I was 12) is Kennedy getting assassinated in Big D and me throwing up the caviar.

So long story short—I hope to never eat caviar again. I would have said "I will never" but I know what happens when you say "I will never.""

And to end my e-mail on a positive note I wrote:

"1964 was a much better year for me, because of the Beatles and I went on to junior high. Tony and I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care and keep on laughing!" And that is about it for now.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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