Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Brilliant Idea!

Today has been great and so has this past week. I would have blogged, but honestly I was just too tired and there just wasn't that much happening that merited writing about.

The best thing or most exciting thing that did happen this past week was The Traveling Jacket is back home.

This past Sunday afternoon Chet O'Keefe came to see us on his journey back to Terlingua and we had a wonderful time visiting with him.

The first thing Chet did when he parked Ivan/iVan (a 2008 Toyota Sienna van) in our circular driveway, was return my Jack jacket to me. And he told me that he loved my coat, so much that he was going to buy one just like it, on Ebay, too.

Of course hearing that made my day, because I love that LL Bean barn jacket so much, because it is the coolest canvas jacket that I have ever owned. In fact, I love it even more than my four Carhartts put together.

Anyway, the good news is my famous Jack jacket is now back home in Texas. It is the one hanging on a nail underneath one of Tony's cowboy hats. Oh and please note that my pretty, pink/gray vest hanging to the left of it is a Carhartt and it is now my second most favorite jacket to wear.

After Chet and I had a long discussion about the Jack jacket, he unloaded some things out of my writing cabin that he had left stored here, because he did not want his stuff stolen out of iVan while he was touring in Norway.

While he and Tony were busy putting Chet's stuff back inside iVan, I noticed this clump of Chet's stuff that he had put on the ground that still needed to be loaded up, so I took this picture of it.

Then I told Chet, "Chet I just took a picture of that pile, because it would make a great album/CD cover for you. I think it says a lot. A hat, tools and a pillow...." But I don't think Chet or Tony were that impressed with my brilliant idea.

After all of the packing was done the three of us sat out on the front porch talking about his tour of Norway. And Chet told us that he loved Norway and the Norwegians and his tour went great, because Marita & Hans (B Good Promotion) did such a fabulous job booking him and getting him to his gigs, etc. And Chet is now looking forward to going back to Norway to tour again.

Well, other than that good news there is not much more to tell about my week, because we mainly worked here or next door or were sleeping. So I hope you can understand why I did not post anything on my blog.

But before I finish writing this, I want you to know that Tony and I went to Kerrville today to wash a couple of loads of laundry at the Country Clean laundromat, on Water Street. 

When we arrived at our favorite laundromat, in Kerrville, there were these two big trucks parked there with men unloading and installing brand new washers and dryers inside, even though we loved the machines they already had. And that is how exciting today has been for me.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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