Wednesday, September 27, 2017

You Shouldn't Have Done This!

Omg last Sunday Carol, Tony and I had so much fun, at Stephen K. Morris' & the Western Edge Cellars' Hurricane Harvey Benefit, to help raise funds to purchase musical instruments for the Port Aransas high school's band department.

The three of us shared a table with Hans & Marita, our good friends from Norway. The music was totally awesome of course, because of the talented musicians Stephen had lined up and Stephen did a fabulous job emceeing the event.

Unfortunately, we only got to stay and enjoy the music and festivities until around 5:15, because we needed to get back to the rescue ranch. But our Fredericksburg adventure was well worth it, because during a short break Stephen came over, to our table and he took me away so he could introduce me to his good friend Mike Blakely, an incredibly great singer/songwriter/musician and who has now (thanks to Stephen's & Eva's recommendation) become one of my most favorite authors.

Monday evening my sweet brother, Ronnie, called me and when I answered the phone he was laughing out loud. "Nance, I can't believe this!"

"What? What's so funny?"

"Nita just read your blog and she told me that you bought one of those toilet bowl lights."

"I did and I love it, too. You ought to get..."

"We already did! I bought ours, a few days ago, when I was surfing Online. I bought two of them, because I thought what the heck they are only $3.99. It's embarrassing, and I hate to admit it, but we love them, too. The ones we have are motion-activated, run on batteries, changes seven colors....Is that what you bought?"


"Did I tell you about them or did you just find out about them by yourself?"

"No Ron, you didn't tell me about them, which is probably a first for me, because I'm pretty famous for always buying everything you buy." Ronnie burst out laughing, again. "We were, at Home Depot, the other day and I found them hanging on this rack...."

After Ronnie had quit laughing, he said, "It's sad and hilarious that we both bought those toilet bowl lights without talking to each other about them."

"I know. And the next time we go to Home Depot I am buying us some more. One for Tony's bathroom and a few to give away as gifts." And that made Ronnie laugh even harder.

Tuesday afternoon Tony and I went, to Home Depot, to buy some nuts and bolts, paint, etc. and before we went to check out we looked for the toilet bowl rack, but we couldn't find it. So we asked a
Home Depot Team Member where they were. And she kindly pointed us into the right direction.

Seconds later, we were standing, in the toilet seat section, staring at the Toilet Bowl Light rack, which was now half-full or half-empty, depending on how you look at things. Anyway, with Tony's help we put three of these helpful "potty-finders" into our basket. "Why are we buying three of these? We just need one for my bathroom." Tony said.

"We need three, because I am giving one to Kris & Jim and to Carol," I replied, as we took off to go check out.

On our way out of the store, I suggested that we call our good friend Jim aka The Mineral Man and invite him to eat lunch with us, at Cracker Barrel. Because Kris was still out of town and also because I wanted to give Jim his toilet bowl light, so he could install it and totally surprise Kris with it when she gets back home.

Well to make a long story short—Jim met us, at Cracker Barrel, but he didn't eat with us, because he had already eaten lunch. And during our fun lunch we told Jim that we had a present to give to him & Kris, but we couldn't give it to him until we left the restaurant. And Jim seemed to be fine with that. I guess because he and his sweet wife, Kris, are used to receiving weird/odd/strange presents from us.

Anyway, after I told him all about Ronnie buying some too, Jim seemed excited about their new toilet bowl light. And as he was staring at the package and sort of looking confused, with his jaw dropped down, in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, I said, "And we have three more little gifts for y'all, too!"

"No, you guys. This is plenty. Really, y'all shouldn't have done this."

"It's no big deal, Jim. Y'all are going to love this as much as we do. Tony, get the batteries," I said, realizing that I had forgotten to say "please." "We bought new batteries for it, too," I said. "So you won't have to buy any. It only takes three of them." Then Tony handed Jim his three, new, shiny, tiny AAA batteries.

As I finish writing this post this afternoon, at 2:35, Tony and I have just tried to go see Carol, so we could give her our gifts, but we had to turn back around, because the the creeks are rising and they are out of banks. So hopefully by tomorrow, the creeks will have gone down and we won't be land-locked anymore, so we can give Carol her four gifts.

And please don't be worried about us getting so much needed rain. We are fine (knock-on-wood) and the dogs are having fun splashing and playing, in the puddles.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

LOL I guess I should feel grateful that you have only a small idea where I live ;) Susan G from Fort

cousin nancy said...

Yes Susie! Count your blessings!