Saturday, September 9, 2017


Today has been great and it also has been day #2 of my food challenge diet. This morning my dear friend Kris sent me this e-mail:

"Hahaha! I noticed one item missing from the list—pasta!"

So obviously, her good-news e-mail started my day with pure joy. Thank goodness Kris sent me this e-mail, because for our lunch today I cooked us spaghetti, but I served it with no bread or cookies or juice or fried foods.

After lunch I cleaned up the kitchen and I was feeling stuffed from eating too much, so I thought about taking a short nap with our dogs. But I didn't after reading Kris' two latest e-mails that she sent to Denise and me, because I could not quit laughing.

First e-mail: "You might do better NOT on the diet....I'm just saying."

Second e-mail: "Of course, I have been perfect on my diet because I haven't started it yet." 😉

Then I read Denise's e-mail that she sent to us yesterday:

"Well, I'm on day two, since I ate the onion rings, I had some pizza and a 7UP that night. Oh yeah, some H-E-B brownie bites. When I go I go all the way.....bwwaaaaaaa"

Denise's e-mail helped me not feel so guilty about falling off the wagon yesterday, so once again I started to take a nap, but that didn't happen again, because Tony wanted me to go with him to do some more work, over at the property.

Tony and I got a lot of work done today, inside the cabin and I am more than thrilled about how much I love what we've done to it so far. And I am really looking forward to working some more on it, next week, because we plan to be installing our wood-burning stove, in the big room.

Just a few minutes ago, Tony returned home from his trip, to the Old Timer, in Medina and to my surprise he bought a sack of Oreo cookies. Gosh, I haven't eaten an Oreo in probably twenty years or longer. And I just ate three of them with a cold glass of 2% milk.

So as I finish writing tonight's post I guess you could say that I've fallen off the wagon, again. But that's okay, because at least I am being consistent.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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