Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sorry I'm Late! or Too Cute Cheaters!

Yesterday Tony and I spent the afternoon working over at our new place and when we got home I was planning to do another yoga workout, but sadly that didn't happen, because I decided to drink a glass of fine Chillable Red Wine boxed wine, with some ice cubes added. And trust me it was a good decision that I made last night, because my body was still aching a little bit from trying to do yoga. And after I drank my glass of wine I was feeling no pain.

Today has been great and a lot of fun, because early this afternoon, Tony and I met our dear friends: Kris & Jim and Denise & Les for our monthly lunch club, at Kerrville's newest restaurant Po Po.

Tony and I arrived first, at Po Po restaurant, which now occupies Pampell's, an old, beautiful, historic, downtown building, that our good friends Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller used to own many, many years ago.

Anyway since we were fifteen minutes early, give or take a few minutes, I decided to do a little window shopping while Tony, sat on a bench, waiting for our friends.

The first shop I came upon was Hill Country Living and because of the beautiful window display, I decided to go in and check it out. When I walked inside this lovely store I was immediately greeted by Pam B. who was wearing a friendly face.

Sweet Pam offered to help me, and I said, "Thank you, but not today. I'm just looking and killing time, because my husband and I are meeting our friends for lunch, at Po Po..." As I was looking around at all of their beautiful items I heard a very familiar voice say, "Hey Nancy. Tony told me you were in here. I love these two shops. I've bought several things in here."

I greeted Kris and then she and I started visiting with Pam and that is when I found out that Hill Country Living and the other shop Cricket's were located in the same building and are both owned by Lyndia Rector.

After I took this picture in Hill Country Living, I walked over to the Cricket's side, where Kris was checking out fabulous cheater glasses while she was visiting with Christy G., another very friendly woman.

Well, we got to talking I soon discovered that Pam and Christy are also good friends with Sandy Wolfmueller, too. "It's a small world," I said,  just before I saw this hilarious t-shirt, on display. "Omg, I love this t-shirt, Kris! Can I please take a picture of it for my blog tonight? And can I also take a picture of that hilarious queen sign, hanging under your counter?"

And before Christy had the time to answer my two questions I had already snapped these two pictures, because I really do love what they have to say.

I had a fun time visiting with Pam, Christy and Kris and while I was thinking about buying this beautiful, hand-embroidered llama, throw pillow, that I had thought was a weird -looking Chihuahua, I heard another familiar voice say, "Kris. Nancy," Jim said. "Les & Denise are here and they are waiting on y'all..." 

So Kris quickly paid for her her too cute cheaters and this beautiful, pink, shiny, writing pen and then we adios-ed our new found friends and went to go eat lunch. Bottom   Line: The food was delicious and Tony and I totally enjoyed seeing our friends.

After our super fun lunch Tony and I went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so we could pick up Henry. We dropped him off, at the clinic, yesterday, so he could have his ears re-examined and treated for an ear infection.

When we arrived at Hoegemeyers, the lobby was full of happy people with their dogs and cats, waiting to see the doctors and we didn't know any of them, in the lobby, except for our dear friend Marguerite, who was talking to Susan, at the counter. So while we waited to get our Henry Standing Bear we had a very nice, fun visit with Marguerite. 

And after Tony had put Hen, in JJ Cale's backseat, we came back home. And that's about it for tonight, because I've decided to blow-off yoga again and drink a couple glasses of wine.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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