Thursday, September 7, 2017

Food For Thought! or I'll Drink To That!

Yesterday while we were eating lunch with our dear friends Denise told Kris and me that she was doing this food challenge with a good friend of hers. And she was on day three of this 30-day food challenge and she didn't cheat at lunch. Which made Kris and me feel a little bit guilty, because we had both ordered Po Po's Loaded Baked Potato that was so delicious it was truly to die for.

Anyway, during our fun lunch I asked Denise more about this 30-day food challenge and I asked her to please send me the details, because I was really interested in trying it and so was Kris.

Well by the time Tony and I got back home, Denise had already e-mailed me the 30 Day Food Challenge Rules. And this is basically it and I am going to start doing it next week, after I finish off my large bag of M&Ms that I purchased a few days ago.

No Chips
No Potatoes
No Ice Cream
No Fast Food
No Fried Food
No Chocolate
No White Bread
No Soda or Juice
No Donuts or Cakes
No Candy or Cookies

After I read the food challenging rules I then forward it to Kris. Then I Googled this diet and I found several other versions, but these are the basic rules for most of them. 

And the only thing that I am still wondering about this great food challenge is that it doesn't rule out wine like my favorite Franzia Chillable Red boxed wine, so this diet looks like something I could easily do—as long as I get to drink two glasses of my fine wine, in the evenings. So I'll gladly drink to that.

So please wish me luck with this diet. And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to go get my first glass of wine.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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