Thursday, September 21, 2017

About Last Night! or Norwegian Wood!

This morning has been great, but it is still early. I overslept this morning, even though Tony kept trying to wake me up every fifteen minutes or so, like I asked him to.

Fortunately, I finally crawled out of bed, around 7:00 and was awake enough to call in and do Harley's Show.

I had a lot of fun talking to Harley Belew this morning. Right off the bat Harley asked me when was the last time that I had spoken to our mutual, good friend Sammy Allred and I told him that it had been way too long and that it was probably about two years ago. "Now Sammy is the one who nicknamed you Cousin Nancy. Is that right?"

"Yes, Sammy gave me that nickname, back in 1986."

So then Harley started talking about Sammy and Bob Cole, two of Austin's number one DJs. When he told me about being, at Bob Cole's Hill's Cafe, many years ago and that being the last time that he saw our dear old friends I reminded him about us being there too, because we were having a benefit that night for our rescue ranch. and then Harley remembered.

Well that jogged my mind, so I said, "That was such a fun night. And do you remember that Dwight Yoakam showed up, near the end of the show, as our mystery guest?" And Harley remembered that, too.

Then Harley changed the subject and started telling me that you shouldn't judge a dog or a person by their looks, because I had just told him that Rocky was his Pet of the Week. "Rocky is so sweet and he probably is about eleven-years-old. He sort of looks like a Chow, but...."

"He sounds like a great dog, Cousin Nancy," Harley remarked. "Do you know that I once had a friend who didn't like me, because my teeth were straight? Can you believe that?" 

After I had quit laughing, I said, "That's hilarious. Well, at least you had teeth..."

Before the end of our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment I asked Harley if I could please put in a plug for a Hurricane Harvey relief benefit that we're going to with Carol and he told me yes. 

"Well, this coming Sunday, at 3:00, at the Western Edge Cellars, on Main Street, in Fredericksburg there is going to be a fabulous, fun benefit with a super, great line up of musicians. We're talking Walt Wilkins, John Arthur Martinez, Mike Blakely, Stephen K. Morris, Hollin McKay....and there is going to be auctions, too."

"Hollin McKay is great," Harley said. "I really like his music and did you know that...." 

"Yes and I love Hollin McKay's music, too. I love Stephen K. Morris and I also love Mike Blakely's music. Did you know that Mike is also a famous author and that his books are ranked right up there with Larry McMurtry and Elmer Kelton's?" And Harley didn't know that. And then he gave a plug for Randy's & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant, because they have sponsored our Utopia segment for many, many years. Then Harley and I adios-ed each other.

I have some news about last night. When Tony and I got back home from working, over at our property, Tony hooked-up my Bowl Light for me and I totally love it. And our dogs are sort of freaked-out about it with the seven, changing colors and motion-activation features. 

In fact, yesterday evening when I was watching Heartland, my newest favorite binge-watching show, on Netflix, I realized that Henry wasn't sleeping in his chair like he usually does. So I paused Season 3: Episode 4 and went looking for him. And I found him, sitting in the bathroom, mesmerized and staring at our magical toilet. So, I left him there, staring at the toilet and went back to watching Heartland.

Before I finish writing this post, I've scheduled it to post it, at 5:00 this evening, because I am fixin' to go over, to the property, to hopefully finish up my latest, painting/building project, before our dear friends, Hans & Marita, from Norway, come over to visit with us.

And if you'll remember, over a year ago about this same time of the year, Tony and I met this lovely, music-loving couple. And they are the ones who we quickly discovered are also good friends with our good friends: Chet O'Keefe, Stephen K. Morris & Eva Robinett, Brian Molnar and Kinky. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to finish my latest, painting/building project, before they arrive today, because I want to name this almost-finished-colorful cabinet door, made with imported wood from Sweden—Norwegian Wood, so it will always remind me of them. And I guess that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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Anonymous said...

I hope all was great at this event- my Rockport- well I am out of town but do most things in Rockport- needed the aid for real. It has been a hard time but so many people who have been awesome through this. We all need help here- no black no brown no colors Just people here . There has been bad ness but much more good ness. Love to you all there Come on down here - good fishing and hanging out....