Monday, May 15, 2017

What Is The Secret?!

Today has turned out to be great even though I almost had a big scare, late this afternoon, but fortunately, as you can see I survived it.

Early this morning, after Tony did his morning chores outside, we mowed and mowed and mowed. And the good news is that we've only got three pens left to push—mow. But the bad news is that it looks like we're going to have rain starting tomorrow and for the next few days. And then we'll start mowing again. And this is one of the main reasons that I am so fond of the desert. (There's no grass, in Terlingua.)

Early this afternoon, after I cooked us lunch and cleaned up the kitchen, we went back outside and mowed for about another hour. Then our backs started aching, so we came inside to rest.

Late this afternoon, after Tony took off to go help Ellen take pictures of some homeless cats, in hopes to help her get them adopted to loving homes, is when I almost had my my big scare. Which I must admit upfront, was self-induced, because I had vowed to do it.

Anyway, before my almost big scare happened I put our dogs outside and then I cranked up my music real loud to help me gather up my strength. And with JJ Cale and Eric Clapton jamming & singing Call Me The Breeze I marched back into our bedroom and swung open our closet door, because I was going to tackle (feng-shui) our closet aka wine cellar aka Hazel's Place—no matter what horrible things that might be lurking inside there.

When Leon Russell began singing his beautiful love song Back To The Island I looked at the total wreck that our closet was in and that scared me and I was even tempted to bail-out or jump ship, so to speak.

As I began removing all kinds of ridiculous stuff, piled up on the floor of our closet or else jammed into spaces above our hanging clothes, I came this close to shouting, "Man Overboard!" and skip out of our bedroom as fast as I could and to never return. But I didn't. I held my course.

Even though I was scared about what I might find hiding behind my fine wine-box-rack, the dust-covered bread maker machine, that I haven't used in over two or three years, or inside the crock pot now with a missing lid, I was determined to clean up our mess. And fortunately nothing jumped out or even scared me, except for some gigantic, hairy dust bunnies that I plan to wash and dry tomorrow and keep for making Carol's tiny bun.

When I started to remove my pretty, pink sleeping bag I did start praying that there was nothing lurking inside it—like a scorpion or a brown recluse spider, because my sleeping bag was partially stuffed inside the box that it came in. And the reason for it only being tucked halfway inside the box is because after I had used it on my fun trip, to New Mexico, a few years ago, neither Tony or I could get it to roll up small enough for it to fit back inside the box that it came in.

Anyway, it took me about an hour to clean up and undo the total mess that we had created, inside our closet aka wine cellar aka Hazel's Place. And I am happy to report that cleaning out our closet was pretty much smooth sailing after all, because nothing—got me.

And as I finish writing this tonight, I am thrilled that our closet looks so nice and is once again organized. And before I watch a movie tonight I plan to Google "What is the secret to rolling up a sleeping bag and getting it to fit back inside the box?"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said... .....sleeping bag folding:)

Fay said...

OMG! I was getting scared reading this, thinking a beast or sharp, pinchy insect of some sort was going to pop out! Glad you got your Feng Shui on and your cupboard is neat again :)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon (CS) and Fay! CS, I will check out the sleeping bag folding link as soon as I finish writing this. And Fay, thank you for being scared too, but no worries.