Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brian Molnar! or A Hairy Situation!

Tuesday, Wednesday and today have all been great. Tuesday morning this super nice couple, Diana & Barry, came out to possibly adopt a companion dog for Daisy, the sweet, old dog that they had adopted from us several years ago. And they fell in love with Topper. So later that day Diana called me to tell me that they are going to come back, next Monday, to adopt her. And Tony and I are totally thrilled about it.

Wednesday we ate lunch with our good friends, at Hippie Chicks Bakery & Bistro. Tony and I were the first to place our orders and we didn't order the exact same thing like we usually do.

Tony ordered first while I was visiting with Denise and Kris and he ordered their new Muffuletta sandwich like I was going to do, but right after he placed his order the chef came out and announced that they had just run out of the Muffuletta bread. So I ordered their delicious Meatball Sub instead.

Their extremely popular Muffuletta sandwich is their newest addition to their menu and it was the secret sandwich that I wrote about, a few weeks ago. Their Muffuletta sandwich that I could not announce was, because they wanted to be the first to announce it. And because their New Orleans own Joe Gambino Muffuletta sandwich is so popular now it is the reason why they had just run out of it for the day.

When we saw Tony's delicious-looking Muffuletta sandwich we all teased him about him being so lucky to get the last Muffuletta for the day. And Tony teased us back about it being so delicious while Les, Denise and Kris raved about how delicious their Rueben sandwiches were. "These Ruebens are the best I've ever eaten...."

After we got back to the rescue ranch Kinky called and invited us to come over for a visit and we had a super fun visit with him and Brian Molnar. They told us about some of the funny things that happened to them, on the road, on their East Coast/Mid West tour. And both of them raved about the "the great care package" that Fay & Ian had given to them before the show.

Two hours later, before we adios-ed Brian and Kinky, Brian Molnar gave us a copy of his newly released Bluegrass CD—Brian Molnar And Slow Rolling Low Old—Paint. And we absolutely love it, especially his fabulous Bluegrass versions of Mountain Dew and Wade In the Water. In fact, we love it so much we can't quit listening to it.

Last night when I checked my e-mail I could not quit laughing after reading Fay's and Mari's hilarious messages.
Fay wrote:
"I mailed the clean dog hair today!"

Mari wrote: 

"I've been brushing my red merle Aussie and already have a lot of undercoat to send you for Carol's hairpiece. How much do you need/want?"

I wrote Fay and Mari back to thank them for sending me their dog hair that is needed to make Carol's tiny bun or top-knot for her Christmas present. And I can't wait to start tracking Fay's hairy package, because it might turn out to be a hairy situation with the Canadian and US Custom Officials. 

And get this—Mari is actually going to hand-deliver me her collection of red Aussie dog hair when we eat lunch together next week. And I am seriously thinking about asking Carol to join us, so she can personally thank Mari for her hairy contribution.

Y'all have a great Thursday and keep on laughing!

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