Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flashback Favorites! or Gone With The Wind!

Yesterday was a lot of fun for Tony and me and so was today. Last Wednesday Mari and I made plans to eat lunch together, for two reasons. The first being that we hadn't seen each other for over a year. And the second reason was for her to hand-deliver her dog's hair to me instead of mailing it or leaving it for me to pick up, at Wolfmueller's Books.

Tony and I love Sandy & Jon and I think they would be fine with Mari dropping off her hair package, but after Mari had sent me this note I figured that it might be a little much to ask of them and possibly might become a hairy situation and it just wasn't worth it. And I know that Carol wouldn't want that to happen. Mari wrote :

"Aussies lose a lot of hair in the spring. You'll be surprised how much I'll bring you and yet I haven't finished grooming him yet!


We had a blast eating lunch with Mari, as we always do. We caught up with each others news and spent a lot of time laughing. And I am so glad that we met her for lunch, because she did have a big bag of hair to give to me and it would have been horrible if it had gotten lost in the mail and she had forgotten to insure it.

When we got back home Tony carried in our groceries and I carried in "Mari's Sack of Hair," because I could not wait to wash her Aussie's hair.  

Early this afternoon after we ate lunch, I decided to take a break and wash "Mari's Sack of Hair," in the kitchen sink. And sadly it went straight downhill from there. And I have to admit that it was my fault, even though I wanted to blame it on some kind of cosmic happening, but I couldn't find one.

Anyway while I was washing the dog hair I had YouTube on and I was listening to Leon Russell singing his awesome version of Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues, on Music Mike's Flashback Favorites Channel. And I believe that was the last time that I was happy and smiling while I was working on my "Carol's Top Knot Bun project." Which I've just renamed— Top Bun.

Because after I washed "Mari's Sack of Hair" our sink got all stopped up and it would not finish draining. Not wanting Tony to know that the sink was stopped up, I put a dish towel underneath the wet hair strainer, so it wouldn't drip all over the floor. 

Then I carried it outside, to let it dry, in the sun. And I was totally unaware that Henry Standing Bear was watching me. Because I thought that he and Lori Darlin' were playing, in the backyard.

Anyway, that was one big, hairy mistake that I made and I should have known better not to dry Mari's Sack of Hair outside. I should have just dried it the way I usually do— in the salad spinner. 

As I was contemplating the best place to put the hair strainer for maximum sun, in the front yard, I heard Kermit coming, off in the distance and that put me in sort of a panic mode, because I wanted to unstop the kitchen sink, so Tony would never know that I've been washing dog hair, in our kitchen sink.

As the sound of Kermit became louder and louder, time was of the essence, so I skipped, down the dog ramp, instead of using the steps and put the hair strainer, in the middle of our front yard. Then I skipped back, up the dog ramp and went inside to unplug the sink. 

The plunger only took me three plunges to unclog the kitchen sink and when Tony came inside The Cabin, I was sitting in front of my laptop—breathing hard. "Have you been outside?" Tony asked, holding the hairy hair strainer in one hand.

"No. Why?" I lied.

"You should see our front yard. It's covered in hair." 

"Oh no," I said, as my heart sank and my breathing slowed back to normal. "I washed Mari's Sack of Hair" and I put it outside so it would dry naturally. I thought Hen and Lori were in the backyard." Then we went outside. 

Our front yard looked like it was a disaster area. Mari's complete collection of precious, Aussie dog hair was scattered all over the yard, with strands and little tufts of it flying around, in the air. "Don't worry Nance, what the birds don't carry off the wind will blow the rest of it away." Then we came back inside The Cabin.

"I feel terrible about losing Mari's Sack of Hair," I said. "But I've learned my lesson. When Fay's Sack of Hair arrives I'll figure out another way of drying it."

"Why don't you try using the salad spinner?" Tony asked. "I bet that'll dry it."

Late this afternoon, I re-watched this Youtube tutorial video, that my good friend Cathy sent to me, last week, about how to correctly fold up a sleeping bag. I watched it and with Tony's and Big Al(ice)'s help and Little Debbie watching—we got it rolled up to where it finally fits back inside it's box. 

And as I finish writing this I want to thank sweet Mari for collecting and giving me her sack of treasured, Aussie dog hair and to apologize to her for accidentally letting it be gone with wind. And I also want to thank Cathy, in North Texas for sending me that Youtube video on how to fold up a sleeping bag.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  


Anonymous said...

Well I must say this--- I have not seen dog hair like this- I am curious will it smell at all once you are done making it into a "Top Bun" ( by the way- Love the name of this)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! I haven't thought about the cleaned dog hair possibly smelling once i spin it into a bun. But I bet a heavy spraying of Aqua Net will hide any future doggie scent, unless it gets rained on. When I do give it to Carol I think I will include a small bottle of Febreeze in case it starts stinking.