Sunday, May 28, 2017

Black & White!

Yesterday was so much fun and it started, early in the morning, when I checked my e-mail. Carol had sent me two notes with a picture attached to her last one. Carol wrote:

"Scout and I can make you one, too!"

Then she wrote:

"I was gonna give Scout a bath today cuz he's getting really ripe, but on 2nd thought I think it would be great to have your wig really personalized. Every time you put it on you'll think of Scout. You'll smell just like him, too.

I love that my friend Carol wants to make me a wig/bun using Scout's hair, but I am not sure if I will wear the black bun, because it would look pretty weird next to my white hair. I mean I love black & white pictures, black & white check patterns, etc. But a black bun worn, on top of my head, would stand out like a green thumb and I know that it would draw unwanted attention to me. 

Later in the morning, before we took off to go meet Carol & Bill, in Kerrville, at the River's Edge Art Gallery, to attend the Hogan & Moss outdoor concert, I talked to Tony about my dilemma, and he suggested, "Well, you could dye your hair black and that would look okay."

"Tony, I can't do that because it would be too harsh of a contrast. Seriously, I would look like a pitiful, over the hill streetwalker. And I could get arrested for that. And I'm too old to get arrested and my family would be horrified and disown me... " 

When we got to Kerrville, we parked Trigger, in the parking lot, behind Wolfmueller's Books, so we could visit with Sandy & Jon for a few minutes before meeting Carol & Bill, down the block. 

As soon as we walked inside their super-cool bookstore, which was packed with customers, Jon, Sandy and Jon's sweet sister Jean greeted us and then Jon started laughing and said, "We were just talking about you and Jean has something to ask you."

"Jean, you cannot have my pretty, pink potholder that you helped me make. It's mine."

"That's not what I was going to ask," Jean replied, followed by a chuckle. "Nancy, I want to know if you would want some of my hair for making Carol's Top Bun. Because this morning after I had brushed out my hair, I was removing the hair from my brush and I thought of you, so I decided to save it, just in case you would like to to use some of it? Then it would be a human and dog hair Top Bun."

After we had quit laughing, I said, "Sure that would be a great addition, Jean. Y'all are not going to believe all of the dog hair people are sending to me right now. In fact, Fay, in Toronto, has already shipped me some of her dog hair, but it hasn't arrived, yet...."

At 1:00, we met Carol & Bill, in front of the River's Edge Art Gallery, on Water Street, just in time to hear Hogan & Moss' kick off their first great song. And before they had finished singing it a huge crowd had gathered around us, to enjoy their unique, awesome music. 

Our good friend, Irene Van Winkle, a fabulous, award-winning author and a top-notch reporter for the popular, newspaper West Kerr Current walked up to visit with us. Then she took off and started taking a few pictures of Hogan & Moss performing while taking notes, because she was writing a story about all of the fun Memorial Day weekend festivities that are going on in town.

After we had enjoyed listening to Hogan & Moss, the four of us went to Wolfmueller's Books, so we could visit with Sandy & Jon and Jean. And after we had introduced Carol & Bill to Jean we had a fun visit.

Later in the afternoon, Tony went and picked up our mail and to my surprise—Fay's hair care package arrived, from Canada and to say the least—I was more than thrilled about it. So I took these couple of pictures to document it.

Across the top of the cute, card-holding-hair, Fay wrote: "Happy Wool Spinning! Love, Fay & Pup xoxo."

I was so thrilled that Fay had sent me some of Ranger's black hair, because the amount that she sent to me would definitely be enough to replace the amount I lost of Mari's black dog hair, which thanks to Henry Standing Bear is now gone with the wind. 

Last night, after I had successfully removed all of the dog hair that seemed permanently stuck, inside the salad spinner, I watched Savannah Sunrise, another great Netflix movie that I highly recommend watching. 

And that is about it for today, because I am fixin' to go take a short nap with our dogs. And please note that I wrote this post, early this afternoon, because I might not be able to write tonight due to some possible thunderstorms. And if we do get those thunderstorms, this evening, I am already prepared to spend my spare time spinning more dog hair, because everything inside The Cabin will be unplugged. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing.  


Fay said...

So glad it finally arrived! I was wondering if your Border Protection Services were going to open it to inspect the hairy contents LOL

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I was wondering the exact same thing about your "hair package." Thank you for sending me some of Ranger's Canadian, black hair. I love it. Would you like for me to send you some of "our dog's hair?" I could do it in assorted colors:
Roy: basic tan and white
Belle: reddish brown and white
Beau: black, tan, white
Little Debbie: off white
Big Al(ice): tan
Henry Standing Bear: same as Miss Moneypenny

Then you could make a Man-Bun for Ian! Just let me know, because I have plenty of it that I could send your way.