Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hearts! or Cindys!

Today has been great. This morning I got up early so I could do the Big G show and talk about our rescue ranch. His Pet of the Week is Willie Nelson, a super-cool, sweet, four to five-year-old Lab Mix who's heart is full of LOVE to share.

While I was talking to Big G—Tony was outside doing his morning chores. He usually doesn't do them this early, but he had to, because he had  to report for jury duty and had to be, at the Kerr County Courthouse, by 8:45. So let's just say that he was not a happy camper this morning.

After Tony took off, in Trigger, I drank another cup of Donut Shop Coffee and was listening to JJ Cale's awesome music when my sweet sister Cindy called me. She wanted to know if I wanted to meet her, in Fredericksburg, for lunch today. And I told her that I would love to meet her for lunch, but I couldn't commit to it until I found out if Tony got dismissed from his jury duty. So that put us on hold until we knew one way or the other.

Originally, I had planned to mow today, but this morning when I told Tony of my plan to mow this morning, he more or less begged me not to, because he told me that he would be worried about me getting hurt and no one being here to help me. So he made me promise him that I would not mow until her got back to our rescue ranch. And I did with my fingers crossed, behind my back.

Pondering whether it would be more fun for me to see my sister or mow down our new, tall crop of weeds was not a hard decision for me to make. Seeing Cindy today was at the very top of my list for things for me to do today.

So, to pass the time while waiting to hear back from Tony I decided to get a head-start on my blogging for tonight. And right now it is 9:36 as I am typing this.

Last night I had also planned on blogging about my dear friend Cindy, in Northern New Mexico, but time simply got away from me. So I am going to do it now.

Cindy and her partner, Jody, a very talented New Mexico artist, have recently opened up this really beautiful Etsy shop called La Casa de Rosa (LACASADEROSA), and they are selling the most beautiful, hand-crafted hearts and altars that Jody has made. And the good news is—Jody's one-of-a-kind, lovely pieces of art are selling like hot cakes.

In fact, back in March, I ordered two of his pretty hearts, so I could give them as gifts to my friends, because they represent peace and love.And I love anything that is about peace and love. But of course, you already knew that.

Even though my intentions were good about giving these hearts away as gifts—I have to admit that I kept them instead. And I now have them hanging above and on opposite sides, of my kitchen sink, because they are my daily reminders that life is supposed to be about peace, love and harmony. 

Anyway, last week I purchased two more of Jody's hearts, so that I could give them as gifts to my dear friends. And they arrived yesterday. And once again, I am very tempted to keep them for myself.

But I'm not going to keep these beautiful hearts, because I want to give Jody's lovely, hand-painted, hearts to two of my friends that are going through some very difficult times. In hopes of lifting their spirits while they deal with what's been dealt them.

Well, it is now 10:32, two minutes past Cindy's and my cut-off time, for wanting to meet for lunch, in Fred-town, and since Tony has not yet called me, I'm starting to suspect that he has been picked for jury duty. 

So before I go call my sister Cindy to cancel our tentative lunch plans and then go outside to do some much-needed mowing, I hope that you will check out Cindy and Jody's beautiful Etsy store La Casa de Rosa.

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!

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