Friday, March 17, 2017

We Rescued St. Patrick!

Today has been great. Our fabulous friends/dog-walking-volunteers came out this morning and walked our dogs for us and we loved it, but our dogs LOVED it more.

After walking our dogs for us all of us decided to eat lunch together, at the Thai O'Cha restaurant, in Kerrville. So, on our way to Kerrville, on Highway 16, before Quiet Valley Ranch ( Home of the Kerrville Folk Festival) we spotted a small dog running south.

So Tony immediately stopped and pulled off to the side of the road and so did Andy & Judy, who were following us to the restaurant. We jumped out of our trucks and hollered, "Hey, little buddy! Come here. Here boy..."

The dog heard us and he stopped in his tracks and then he turned around to look at us—then he came running towards us, while we waved frantically at an oncoming pickup to slow down, because the dog was close to the highway.

This cute dog ran to Andy and let him pick him up. Then Andy handed him over to Tony, so Tone could put him inside, Trigger's backseat. And before we adios-ed our good friends, I said, "We're taking him to Hoegemeyers, so please tell everyone that we will be a few minutes late."

On our way to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, I turned in my seat and took this picture of a very lucky dog, who seemed happy and perfectly comfortable riding in the truck. And that's when I named him St. Patrick.

As soon as we walked inside Hoegemeyer's lobby, I took this picture of St. Patrick, before we handed him over to Susan, as I told her, "We've just rescued St. Patrick.... Please scan him and give him a check up. We'll check back with you later."

Lunch was a lot of fun and of course our food was totally delicious. But let's get back to St. Patrick.

When we got back home Susan, at Hoegemeyers called to tell me, "I've got good news and sort of bad news. The dog has a micro-chip, but one of the phone numbers has been disconnected and the other phone number isn't accepting calls right now...."

Forty minutes later, Susan called me again, while I was writing this. "Nancy, I have a little more news. I've located his records. He's been neutered, his shots are current and his name is Copper. I've been on the phone non-stop trying to track down his owners..."

After Susan and I adios-ed each other, Tony suggested that I call the pound, so I did. I told the nice gentleman about us rescuing Copper, on 16 and everything that I knew about the friendly dog. Then I asked him if anyone had called them about missing him. "No, ma'am, but if anyone calls I will tell them to call you or Hoegemeyers. Good luck..."

So now it is a little before 4:00 and I am fixin' to call the radio stations where Harley and Big G work, to see if they can help get the word out about Copper. And then I am going to call Quiet Valley Ranch. So please keep your fingers crossed for Copper. I will update when I get some more news.

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Fay said...

Looks like he was holding the door when they were handing out the proportionate legs LOL Hope he made it home safe! He's a cutie.