Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hung Up!

Today has been great. This morning Gretchen Wilson was Big G's Pet of the Week. She is approximately 4 years old and she is a total sweetheart.

I spent most of this morning doing rescue ranch paperwork. I returned e-mails, phone calls, wrote up a deposit, wrote thank you letters and paid bills and by then I was ready to get out, of The Cabin, because I needed some fresh air, because I am not fond of doing paperwork.

Tony and I took off and went to Medina to mail my letters and while we were there, we checked out this super cool, newly built Tiny House On Wheels, parked next to the Log Beds store and we found out that they are going to start making Tiny Houses to sell.

Then we made a deposit, in Bandera and then we headed to Kerrville, so we could run the rest of our errands. And after we ate a delicious, late lunch, at the Thai O'Cha restaurant, we ran the rest of our errands and then came back home.

Carlton was flashing, on top of the breakfast bar, when we walked inside, The Cabin, so I pushed his button to see who had called.

Two messages were from our friends and the last message made me sad. Because in 2013, we had rescued the sweetest, small dog that I had named Red Skelton, but later on I changed it to Red Foxx. He was only about 4 years old and it did not take us long to find him a wonderful home, with a very nice man.

Anyway, the phone call was from a very nice woman who had called about needing to return Red to us, because her father-in-law, who had adopted Red, had passed away and I could tell that she felt very sad about it. So if any of y'all know someone who wants to adopt a sweet, 8-9 year old dog, please ask them to call me.

I returned the woman's phone call, but got her machine too, so I left a message asking the woman to please call me back, because I wanted to let her know that we would definitely take Red back and that we were sorry about her father-in-law's passing.

Then Tony helped me re-frame the note card picture that I had painted for my sister's 70th birthday, because I wanted to replace the wrinkled matte and then Tony helped me frame Roscoe's CD, because I totally love it, because every time that I look at the cover picture—it makes me smile and chuckle. After Tony framed it for me I hung it up, between the kitchen and the big room.

Then I found a small space, on the wall, next to our water cooler dispenser, to hang up my new sign that I had purchased earlier today. And it makes me smile, too, even though those flying monkeys scared me to death when I was a kid. 

Tonight I plan to read more of John Steinbeck's fabulous book, Travels With Charley: In Search of America, because I totally love it, because it is inspiring me, after I finally retire, to drive around the country with Tony and our dogs and write about the interesting people/animals/ that we meet. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

Oh, I remember that sweet red dog! So sad his owner got bugled to Jesus. Wish I could take him, I love the older pups. Will spread the word tho, hopefully he'll be in a nice home soon xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! We sure do miss y'all and we look forward to seeing you sooner than later. Red is the sweetest and I hope we can find him a great home ASAP.

Mari of the NoMads said...

David and I and our entire Pack here are very happy to read about Redd Foxx's upcoming adoption/reunion with 'family'! Way to go (again!), Utopia Rescue!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! We are thrilled about it, too!