Sunday, March 26, 2017

Home Alone—Drones—Martian Watch— Wild Birds! Oh My!

Today has been great, but first I want to finish writing what I had planned to write yesterday, on my blog.

Several days ago (March 15th to be exact), I was doing some ranch paperwork while listening to The Talk, on the television. Anyway, near the end of the show "The Girls" introduced a new sponsor: So I stopped what I was doing and watched it. And I was instantly hooked on their products for sale. So to say the least "I immediately went to and purchased three of those items.

Anyway, last week my orders started arriving and Tony was just as excited as me about getting them. And if you click on this link you can watch The Talk segment on these super cool products and then you'll know why I could not resist purchasing them.

I bought the ION Home Network Camera, so I can watch what our dogs do when they are home alone and I can talk to them. The retail price is $129.00 and I purchased it for $39.00!

Then I purchased Pulse Massager for Tony's bad back and shoulder. The retail price was $425.00 and it cost me only $29.00! And the best news is that Tony LOVES it.

And then I bought the Mota JETJAT ULTRA Drone. And its sales price was $130.00 and it only cost me $59.00. 

And this is just a picture of my drone and the home network camera so you can compare their sizes to my laptop and Bic pen.

Then I told Tony all about what I had bought and the big savings and then I went back to work: returning phone calls, e-mails, etc.

Two days ago, my brother Ronnie called me just to see how we were doing. While we were talking and laughing about life I told him about Morning Save. "Ronnie, the three things I bought would have cost me $684.00 retail and they only cost me $127.00 total!" And I knew that he was impressed even though he didn't say so.

Then Ronnie asked me, "How do you like the home network camera and the drone?" And there was an awkward moment of silence for me and then I laughed.

"Tony loves his pulse massager, but we haven't used the camera or the drone, yet."

"Why not, Nance?" I started chuckling again.

"Because I'm not that hi-tech-savvy anymore." Then we both started laughing. "I know it is not all that hard to do, but I'm just not ready to sit down and try to figure them all out." Then I hear him and Nita laughing, because he had put me on their Speakerphone. So I joined them in laughter.

"So when are you going to do it?" Ron asked, as sweet Nita listened and continued to chuckle, in the background.

"Soon. Ronnie. First I have to register my drone with the FCC to make it legal, before we can launch it and you know how much I hate filling out forms and doing paperwork." 

"Do it!" Nita remarked. "Do it, Nance!" Which then made Ron and me burst out laughing, because the three of us having a long running joke about Nita saying, "Do it! Do it!" 

"I think that I am going to wait until Chet comes visit us. He's a lot more smarter than Tony and me when it comes to these hi-tech gadgets and he should be visiting us in about ten days or so...." And this concludes my fascinating shopping spree story—sort of.

At lunch last Friday, after telling our good friends/dog-walking-volunteers all about my three super cool purchases and the incredible savings—I got all excited again. So when we got back home I went back Online to and made one more purchase. : )

I just had to have it and it was 78% off the retail price. So with the click of one button I purchased a MARTIAN Watch. Regular retail price on it was $129.99 and I got it for only $29.00. And I cannot wait for it to arrive.

I know that my beautiful red & black MARTIAN watch reads, "John Hello" on the dial, but I am sure that Chet will be able to set it up for me, so it will say "Nancy Hello." And now this really does conclude my spending spree story.

Now before I finish writing this tonight I have an important announcement to make. I want to let everyone know that next Saturday, April 1st, our rescue ranch will be closed all day, because Tony and I are going to be attending a very special book signing event, at the Wild Birds Unlimited store, in Kerrville.

A few days ago while we were shopping and visiting with our friends, Linda & Kevin Pillow, the Wild Birds Unlimited store owners, they told us that they were excited about hosting a book signing for their good friend, Jim Carpenter, founder of Wild Birds Unlimited. "We'll definitely be here for that!" I declared. Then they showed me Jim's book The Joy of Bird Feeding: The Essential Guide To Attracting And Feeding Our Backyard Birds. And we bought ourselves a copy, so we can meet Jim Carpenter and get him to sign our copy.

Then I noticed their life-size cardboard cutout of Jim Carpenter display with his new book, so I asked Tony to please take a picture of me standing next to Jim to make it look like we've been good friends for a long time. 

Then I stood next to Jim, who is paper thin, and said, "Now Tony, please don't make me look fat." Then I turned to Linda & Kevin and Tricia", and admitted, "I've gained some weight and I am trying to lose it. Wait Tony, let me turn sideways, next to Jim, because hopefully it will make me look a little slimmer." Click—it didn't work.

So, next Saturday from 9AM - Noon we will be, at the Wild Birds Unlimited store and our rescue ranch will be closed all day, because we're going to get to meet Jim Carpenter and get his awesome book signed. 

For more information about attending this awesome book signing event please click on Jim Carpenter Book Signing at Wild Birds Unlimited, in Kerrville. And I hope that y'all will all be there too, so I can stand behind y'all, to hide my enlarged muffin top, when I suggest that we all get a group picture taken with Jim.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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