Friday, March 10, 2017

Christmas Stockings! or Wishing!

Things have been great here. This past Tuesday, my new Breville Juicer arrived and I was totally thrilled about it, because Tony and I love juicing and we have decided to do it everyday along with eating healthy food. NO MORE DIETING!

We've been juicing for many, many years and the only reason that I purchased a new juicer, is because I wanted to upgrade to the kind of juicer that Joe Cross recommends, because he is the man who made the great, inspiring documentaries Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2.

Our new juicer has two speed controls and it is much larger than our old one, so after making our first totally juice with it, I had to rearrange the kitchen to make room for it, on the shelf next to and above our refrigerator.

Wednesday morning Tony & I went up to Dripping Springs to visit my brother Ronnie and sister Cindy and to see Ron & Nita's new/used Class C RV. Cindy and us loved Ron & Nita's RV. And as we sat inside it we had a wonderful visit with each other. And before we left their ranch, to come back home, I gave Ronnie our old juicer, so they could pass it on to one of their daughters to use.

Wednesday night I finally finished reading John Steinbeck's nonfiction book Travels with Charley: In Search of America. 

And I enjoyed reading it, but near the end I thought that John had sort of dropped the ball, on his readers. Seriously it is a good read, but I doubt that, this year, I will be slipping copies of this book into my family's and friend's Christmas stockings. 

Anyway, after I read the book I decided to Google it and the more that I researched Steinbeck's book I couldn't stop myself, because the more I probed, deeper and deeper into it, I found a whole lot of evidence and professional opinions from scholars and researchers with the same  conclusion that it might have been more fiction than nonfiction. So if you are interested in what I discovered please check out this link especially:

Today has been great. This morning our wonderful, dedicated friends/dog-walking-volunteers came out and they walked our dogs and some of our super dogs even went skinny-dipping in the creek, because of their love for the water. So, I guess Spring is here.

This morning sweet Red Foxx's name came up several times, because our friends could not quit talking about what a great dog he is and how sad they were for him that his best friend had passed away. They were all wishing that Red would get adopted sooner than later, because he is such a fine, happy dog and we whole-heartedly agreed with them. 

Well, I want to end tonight's post on a positive note, before I start watching the Jonathan Winters DVD, that Kay loaned to me this morning. And the great news that I have for you is that early this evening we got a phone call from Red's owner's grand daughter and she and her husband didn't know about Red coming back here. They love Red and they can't wait to come and pick him up and take him to their forever, loving home. And before she hung up the phone she told Tony that they are going to adopt him, the first part of May, when they visit the Hill Country! We love it and once again this proves to me that wishes really do come true.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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