Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad News! or Stick With Me!

I have some good news and some bad news, so I will start with the bad news first. Last night, around 8:00, I had the phone turned off, while enjoying watching Netflix's Grace & Frankie third episode of Season 3 and the young woman, the former owner of Copper called and she left me a message that I was unaware of. Bottom Line    she was unable to locate the former owners. So, it looks like Copper is here to stay with us until we can find him a better forever home.

This morning I told Copper the bad news and he seemed to be fine with it, because he was wagging his tail. Then I told him that yes, I understand why he is named Copper, because of his color, but I explained to him that his name does not roll easily off of my tongue and that I have to stop and think every time that I call him his name.

The good news is he was still wagging his tail and he seemed interested in what I had to say to him. So, I continued on, "I know that your name is not your problem, but mine. Anyway, since you are starting a new life here, at the rescue ranch, I am changing your name to Topper."

Copper sat down, in front of me and he was still wagging his tail and staring at me, which I think is always a good sign. Then he stood up, with his tail still wagging and he smiled at me like dogs often do when they laugh. And I have a sign, hanging out on our front porch to prove this theory.

And to prove it even further, that dogs do laugh with their tails, a couple of weeks ago, after my good friend, Carol, showed me her new beautiful, canvas print that she had purchased, I begged her to please tell me where she bought it, because I had to have one, too. 

The reason that I love this canvas print so much was because it immediately put a big smile on my face and it warmed my heart, because it reminded me so much of sweet Mama. My late, great, rescued Great Pyrenees. And it also reminds me of my beloved Roy Rogers, because whenever I look at him he is always smiling at me. 

This beautiful, awesome painting is by Pat Saunders-White, an extremely, talented, famous pet artist and the name of her painting is Stick With Me. I bought my 14"x14" canvas print, on Amazon, but her art is so popular, loved and well known that I am sure that buying a copy for yourself will not be difficult to find. But I do recommend going to her website first:, because Artist Pat Saunders-White Rules!

Last night I binge-watched Grace & Frankie Season 3 and watched all of the episodes. Omg, it is more than great, so tonight I think I will watch a movie.

 Tonight I planned planned on writing about several other subjects, but I think that this is plenty for now. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

I love that print. I am getting two one for me and my family and the other for a wonderful dear friend of mine ... Thank You!!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! I love that print so much.