Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Put It Together!

The last few days have almost been great. And the reason that I used the word "almost" is because we could not find Copper's family, even though he's micro-chipped, so we could let them know that we rescued him. And it drove me crazy knowing that we had this super dog that has a home, but we could not contact Copper's family, because his micro-chip information had not been updated.

Sunday evening our good friend Jim Keaveny came to visit us. Like Chet O'Keefe, he too is an incredibly great musician who also lives, in Terlingua.

When Jim arrived the first thing he did, after hugging us, was give Tony and me advanced copies of his new fabulous CD—Put It Together, which will be available for purchase before months end. So the next thing that we did was thank Jim for the CDs and then we listened to Put It Together over and over, because it is now one of our favorite CDs. And another cool thing about Jim Keaveny's new CD being so great is Jim had our good friend Chet O'Keefe come out to the recording studio, Frogville Studios, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to play lead guitar on it.

Monday morning I cooked pancakes for Tony, Jim, Kinky and our good friend, Simone DeVries, who is in Texas, filming and working on another one of her awesome documentaries. We had also invited our good friend Carol to eat breakfast with us, but she couldn't make it, because she had to go out of town for the day. But Carol did invite us to come over later on in the evening for happy hour.

Anyway, while we ate breakfast we visited while enjoying Jim's new CD. And before we adios-ed Kinky and Simone we all agreed to meet later for lunch, in Kerrville and to invite Dylan to join us.

Eating lunch with our friends was a total blast. Simone told us about the documentary that she is working on. Dylan kept us entertained and laughing with his incredibly interesting rock 'n roll tales. 

And the funniest story that Dylan told, with Kinky's help, was when he and Kinky and the famous band The Texas Jewboys, were in California. Kinky and his band got stuck, inside an elevator, with Dennis Hopper when Dylan arrived. With the elevator doors closed tightly, Dylan stood outside the door and carried on a conversation with them while they waited for the repairman to arrive. And when the elevator repairman finally arrived he first got the doors open first and it was stuck between two floors and all that Dylan could see was them from their knees down, so Dylan stood there and talked to their feet. Anyway, it was totally hilarious and my version of Kinky's and Dylan's story isn't near as funny as they told it.

Jim, Tony and I went over to Carol's ranch, around 5:30, for happy hour. And it turned out to be a really fun happy hour that lasted for one and a half hours. 

Tuesday afternoon before Jim Keaveny left for Austin, Kinky, Jim, Tony and I ate lunch, in Kerrville again and it was fun, too.

After another fun lunch with our friends, Tony and I went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so we could pick up Copper and to also meet up with Mike, the nice man that was helping his recently widowed neighbor/friend with his two dogs that he could no longer could keep. Mike was bringing "The Girls" to the clinic, so we could meet him and pick up Misty and Cindy from him and take these two, adorable, sweet, 6 year-old to our rescue ranch. And we instantly fell in love with "The Girls."

Last night, early in the evening, I was on my computer trying everything I knew to contact Copper's owners and I got no where. And right before I gave up Googling this woman I found her on Twitter. 

To Be Continued... 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

You left us hanging like that?! I'm not going to sleep tonight!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I hope you get caught up with your sleep. : )