Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Wild Hogs & Flying Pig!

I've been busy doing rescue ranch paperwork, etc. and having a lot of fun. Yesterday, Tony and I met our good friends Karon and Karen for lunch, before going to the big H-E-B to buy our dogs their annual Thanksgiving Dinner that sweet Eileen was going to sponsor, but those plans sort of changed during lunch, but change is good. You'll see.

Karon's baby sister Ronda sadly lost her battle with cancer, earlier this month and while we were eating lunch and talking about Karon's lost, she opened up her purse, and said, "Ronda loved all animals and she loved hearing about y'all's rescue ranch. Before Ronda passed she asked that in lieu of flowers being sent, she requested that donations be made to our favorite animal shelters. So, I want to donate this to you, in loving memory of Ronda to sponsor your Thanksgiving Dinner for the dogs, because I know Ronda would love it..." Then she handed me a folded $100.00 bill. And I almost teared up, but thank goodness I remembered to look up to keep the tears away.

So when we finished eating our lunch and were ready to pay our separate bills, when the waitress walked up to our table, and said, "All of y'all's lunch has already been paid for by a gentleman that was sitting over there. Karon and Karen looked at each other and then chuckled, because they knew it was their dear friend Troy, who had treated us to lunch. So she called him and thanked him for all of us.

Omg, the H-E-B parking lot was full and it was packed inside with "early birds" shopping for their Thanksgiving dinners. First, we went in with separate carts, so Tony could buy dog food for our rescue dogs and I could buy our groceries. And our plan was to meet back up, at Trigger, to unload the dog food and our groceries and then go back inside with one cart to buy the dog's Thanksgiving Dinner. And when we paid for their dinner, I handed the cashier Karon's hundred dollar bill and then wrote a check for $38.14 to cover the difference. And I want to thank Karon and Eileen for sponsoring our dog's turkey dinner.

When we left the store we ran into our good friend Jim aka The Mineral Man, in the parking lot. "It's a mad house in there," I warned Jim. And then we had a fun visit before coming home.

When we got back home, I decided to mow our front yard and back yard, to get some more exercise. When I finished I came back inside The Cabin and listened to Carlton's messages. And ten minutes later, we were over at Bill & Carol's ranch, visiting with them and Lori & Jeff, who were spending Thanksgiving with them. We had a lot of fun catching up with our friends and we made it home just in time for Tony to lock up Rooster Cogburn for the night, inside The Egg Palace.

Early this morning, our good friends Carol & Bill and Lori & Jeff came over, because they wanted to see the wild hogs that always show up, every morning, when Tony feeds the deer, Maya and our donkeys. So we got to have another fun visit with them, before all of us went over, to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky. And that's about it for today, but I do want to show you some pictures I took, last night, of our dog's strange sleeping habits. And yes, Little Debbie is venting in one of them.

And this one of Henry makes me laugh out loud, because he looks like he is giving my flying pig the evil eye.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

Happy and a Wonderful Thanksgiving to you, Tony and all the fur babies. May you continually be greatly Blessed in all things

Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, when you assembled Henry, did you not follow the directions?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon and Mari! Thank you for your kind comment. And, Mari—Henry came with no assembly instructions, so I guess you could say, "He is a work of art!"