Thursday, November 3, 2016

Big Ears, Too!

Last night, I watched the 7th game of the World Series. I like both teams, but because I have so many friends, in Chicago, I was hoping that the Cubs would win the game and the World Series.

I started to go to bed when they called the rain delay, but I couldn't, because it had been such an exciting game. And I am so glad that I stayed up and saw the Cubs win the 2016 Baseball World Series.

Today has been great. This morning I got up at 6:30, so I could drink a cup of coffee and wake up, before doing the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment, on The Harley Show, with my dear friend Harley Belew. And once again, Clovis was his Pet of the Week.

The reason that this super, smart, 3 yr. old dog was his Pet of the Week too, is because I always use the same dog each week for Big G's Texas Road Show and for Harley's Show, to make sure that their loyal listeners will check out our super cool dogs.

This afternoon, we met some good friends for lunch, in Kerrville and we had a total blast. During one point of our conversation Kris pulled out her iPhone to show us a few pictures of their adorable, new grandson. Denise and I were oohing and ahing at his pictures and then Kris held up her iPhone to show Denise another picture, and Denise laughed, and said, "Oh he's so cute and it's funny that one of his ears is smaller than the other and they're so big! One stands up and the other one doesn't." 

And that got my attention, because I couldn't believe that Denise had just said that about Kris' new grandson and that they were laughing about it. "Who cares that his ears are uneven," I remarked nonchalantly, hoping to make Kris feel a little better about Denise's unkind remark about her grandson. Then they burst out laughing.

Then Kris turns, in her chair to show me the picture that she and Denise were laughing about and it was—Charlie, their adorable dog not their grand baby. "Omg!" I remarked."I thought y'all were talking about her grandson. Good grief, I was fixin' to defend Kris' grandson and make up something nice to say like, "Well, my brother Ronnie had real big ears when he was a baby, too and it didn't matter at all, because he was real popular all through junior high and high school."

By now, Jim, Les and Tony, on the other end of our table, are quiet and they're trying to eavesdrop on our confusing conversation. Then Kris pulls up another darling picture of her and Jim's new, adorable grandson and shows it to our husbands, then to Denise and me. "Omg," I said. "He looks a lot like Jim. In fact, he's got Jim's eyes," I stated. "Look."

"You're right," Denise agreed. "They really do have the same eyes." Then Kris puts her phone away and explains to our husbands what we had been talking and laughing about and me getting confused when she showed Denise a picture of Charlie, while I was thinking it was another picture of their grandson. 

And before I finish writing this tonight I want to set the record straight. Kris & Jim's grandson is a beautiful baby and he has normal ears. And Ronnie really didn't have big ears, but he sure the heck was popular in school. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 


Mari of the NoMads said...

Now why does this remind me of Little Red Riding Hood, i.e. "What big ears you have!" or should that be "What uneven ears you have!"

Great story - and I'm grateful that I could get my Cousin Nancy blog fix tonight! It does a body good! (or is that milk? - now I'm ALL confused!)

Rebecca said...

Hi, Nancy, it's Rebecca!! Loved the picture of Lori Darlin you posted yesterday!! She looks awful happy, r u sure you don't want to keep her? She is small, almost doesn't count....looking forward to seeing u Saturday if u don't change your mind!!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Nancy, it's Rebecca! Loved the picture you posted yesterday of Lori Darlin! She looks so comfortable with you and yours....are you sure you don't want to keep her?? She is small, almost doesn't count!! We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday if you don't change your mind!😉🐶

cousin nancy said...

Hi Rebecca! Thank you for reading my blog. I love that picture of Lori Darlin', too. Henry adores her and she thinks Henry Standing Bear Rocks The World, as much as he does. Seriously, she has the biggest crush on him, and Hen loves it, because he thinks he rocks the world, too. We have way too many dogs already even though Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) don't actually count as dogs.

We love Lori Darlin' as much as Henry does, but our house/trailer/The Cabin is too small for one more and we would absolutely love for you and Mark to adopt her.

So please come on out, on Saturday, and adopt her, because that way we can make room, in The Cabin, for another small rescued dog for Henry to fall in love with.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I always love getting your funny comments about my blog posts and I am still laughing. So, now we're even. You got your Cousin Nancy fix and I got my Mari fix.

Anyway, right now I am waiting patiently waiting for Ron and Nita, his beautiful wife and the best sister-in-law anyone could hope for, to call me and tease me about what I said and wrote about Ronnie's big ears.

And I am already prepared as to what I'll say in my defense, because after they tease me, I'm going to reply with, "Well, Ronnie, your ears are bigger than mine and that's why you're not hard of hearing like I am."

How does that sound?

Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, that sounds like a great comeback but your new comment about the size of Ronnie's ears reminds me of my heart dog "Joker" that we always said had ears so big that he "could pick up Mexico City".

Please tell me Ronnie's ears don't pick up Mexico City.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Ronnie's ears don't pick up Mexico City.