Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fifteen Potholders!

Today has been great. This afternoon when we went to Kerrville, to get Balser's Northside Automotive to change Trigger's oil for us, I brought along my framed painting and the famous, hermetically-sealed, pink potholder, because I wanted to show it to our good friends, Jon & Sandy, the owners of Wolfmueller's Books and to Marguerite and Linda, at Wild Birds Unlimited.

While the nice people, at Balser's Northside Automotive, changed the oil Tony and I ate lunch, at the Acapulco restaurant, which is right next door to Balser's.

After we got Trigger back we went to see the Wolfmuellers, on Earl Garrett Street and we had so much fun visiting with them and Kinky and Dylan. We didn't know that Kinky and Dylan would be at the bookstore—it was just a coincidence.

Anyway, when we walked inside the best book store, in Texas, everyone was hanging out, at the checkout counter and they were laughing and Kinky and Dylan were just as shocked to see us as we were to see them there, even though it actually happens quite often.

Halfway through the fun we were having with our friends, I adios-ed our friends and declared, "Y'all, I need to go next door, to Bad Girlz of Texas, to buy a few hilarious cards and to shop around. Is Andie over there?"

"Yes," Sandy said. "I'll be over there in just a minute, because I want to show you her super-cute cat coin purses."

I had a fun, but short visit with my friend Andie, in between her helping her customers find things. Her store was packed with customers and because she was so busy I went to check out her hilarious, large assortment of off-the-wall cards for all occasions.

The cards kept me laughing and I chuckled several other times when I would hear a customer burst out loud laughing at something they had found. It was sort of like doing "the wave" at a football game, because there was non-stop people laughing.

After I had picked out four or five hilarious birthday cards to buy, Sandy walked into the store and then she found me. "Nancy, come over here. You've got to see these cat purses." So I followed Sandy.

"Omg! I love these cat coin purses. They are too cute," I said.

"I know," Sandy said. "Andie told me the other day that she just got in a new shipment of these, because they keep flying off the shelf." So, I decided to buy one of each to give to my cat-loving friends, before they were all gone. And when Andie was checking me out, I lined them up, on the counter and took this picture of them, before she sacked them up for me.

When Sandy and I returned to Wolfmueller's Books, I showed her and Jon my painting and the potholder, in the box. "I love Jean," I said. "She truly saved the day for me, because for the life of me I could not figure out how to tie off those stupid loopers. And she is so much fun...."

"Oh, before I forget," Jon said. "Here's your premium metal hook that Jean found after y'all left the other day." After I thanked them for giving me my hook back I started laughing, as I told them about the hilarious comments that Jean and Fay have made on my blog, about the pink potholder.

Then Sandy picks up her phone and says, "Nancy, you really should think about making doggie mats, because they are really cool. Then she held up her phone and showed me this picture of a beautiful potholder doggie mat, that Jean had sent to her to show to me.

And as I was admiring the doggie mat photo I tried to figure out how many years it would take for Jean and me to make just one. "Good grief," I joked. "Fifteen potholders! That could take us years to make and we would have to charge at least $1,000.00 to make that thing, as long as Jean will work for free. Maybe we could just make them for real small Chihuahuas. Omg, Little Debbie has gained a few extra ounces and she might need six potholders or more. Now I'm not so sure that this potholder moneymaker will be a financial pleasure after all. Jean and I need to have a business meeting to discuss this some more...."

Our last stop before going home was at Wild Birds Unlimited. When we walked inside Linda and Marguerite greeted us. "We just dropped in, so I can show y'all my painting and the hermetically-sealed pink potholder.

First, I showed them the one-of-a-kind potholder and it made them laugh. Perfect, that was what I wanted them to do. Then I showed them my painting and they complimented me on it, which was what I also wanted them to do, to help give me confidence in my art. Then we had a short, fun visit talking about their upcoming doggie adoption day that we will be participating in, at their store.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


jwolf said...

Hey Nancy, I think you're right! There goes our pipe dream down the drain because I doubt that anyone would pay $1000.00 for us to make a unique, one-of-a-kind doggie mat. But if someone does offer you a $1000.00 to make one, I'm in and I'll work for free, just make sure that they give you the money first for the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch! :-)

Guess I'll have to show you how to make loom hats next!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! Don't throw the towel in, yet. I've got a great idea and I am going to blog about it tonight. And, I can't wait for you to teach me how to make loom hats and in exchange for that I will make you a custom made Alien-attracting hat and I will teach you how to make them.