Sunday, November 13, 2016

Leave It To Beaver!

After posting my last blog, with pictures of Henry's strange sleeping positions, our dear friend, Fay, in Toronto, sent me the cutest picture of Miss Moneypenny, Henry's twin sister sleeping and I want to share it, because they are so much alike.

The past couple of days have been quiet here, so Friday afternoon, after walking four miles with Leslie Samson, in the big room and kitchen, I got creative and decided to paint. When I say "paint" I don't mean touching up my painted rugs, on the floor, that are in badly need of repainting or my pretty, pink cabin or the Mother Ship, my treasured old RV, etc. I mean paint a picture for someone very dear to me.

With the entire kitchen counters, kitchen table and breakfast bar completely covered with my huge collection of small acrylic paint bottles, I pulled out one my sketch pads and paintbrushes and went to work and unbeknownst to me, so did Henry Standing Bear, who I thought was outside, in the front yard, playing with sweet Lori Darlin'.

Originally, I had planned to paint a small 5"x"7" picture, but that didn't happen, because three hours later, my little painting had grown into a page-covering 9"x12" multi-media painting that I was proud of it and Henry's outside work of art had grown to an 8'x2'x4' that he was very proud of, too.

Because my painting is going to be a gift I can't show you my painting yet, but I can show you Henry's creative, wood-chewed masterpiece or should I say "front porch railing, demolition, master piece." And I can't believe that Henry was so proud of his hard work, that he proudly posed by it, in these two pictures.

And since we're still talking about "art" here's the latest update on Henry's unfinished, "still-in-the-works" bedroom bench carving and once again, please note that this is why we can't have anything nice.

So, late Saturday afternoon, Tony and I took off for, Kerrville, to run two errands. One errand was that I wanted to get the River Oaks Framing Co. store to professionally frame my artwork, because they are the best. And the second errand that we needed to run was to go to the Home Depot store, so Tony could replace the 8'x2"x4" railing that our "Leave it to Beaver" aka Henry, had so proudly destroyed, in record time. 

Anyway, we went to the River Oaks Framing Co. store first, located inside the Home Town Crafts store, on the Junction Highway. And I am so glad that I got it framed, at River Oaks Framing Co. store, because their super nice, friendly woman employee was so patient with me and eager to help me. And when all was said and done we only had to wait twenty minutes to pick up my beautifully framed painting.

But before we walked outside, the Home Town Crafts store, to go to the Home Depot, I browsed around and bought a few more small, acrylic paint bottles and a plastic, potholder loom kit with a premium metal hook, that was recommended for ages 5+. And it also came with a warning sign, too—"Choking Hazard" which didn't really matter much to me, because I am not planning on putting the loops into my mouth. But if I did do that I'm wondering would that make me a little loopy?

I also purchased a large sack of jumbo loopers, because I love those kind of potholders that I once made when I was kid. So as not to disappoint you, if you're in line to receive a small gift from me anytime in the near future—expect it to be a pretty, hand-woven Cousin Nancy potholder.

Today was great for just a little while, until this morning when I found out the sad news that Leon Russell had passed away. Omg, Leon was one of my favorite music legends, as I am sure he was yours, too. His music was such a big part of my adult life, because anytime that I would hear one of his songs, it would instantly take me back to where I was and what I was doing—all happy times for me. 

So this afternoon, while working on my first, pretty potholder I listened to Pandora's Leon Russell Channel with the volume cranked up high. His music was so important to so many of us and it will always be a part of me. He will be sadly missed, but thank goodness his music will live forever. Rest In Peace Leon.

Y'all have a great evening!

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