Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Time Capsule!

Today has been so great. This morning our good friend, Linda called me. She and her husband Kevin are good friends of ours and they own the Wild Birds Unlimited store, in Kerrville, where Marguerite and Tricia work.

Anyway, I was outside when she called, at 10:23, and she left a message for me. About five minutes later, when I came back inside, The Cabin and listened to her exciting message, so I immediately called her back, at the store, to thank her for inviting us to participate in their Doggie Adoption Day, on Saturday, December 3rd, at their Wild Birds Unlimited store.

Marguerite answered the phone and within seconds I was talking ,on the phone, to Linda. "Linda, we would love to participate and...." After we had discussed this upcoming event, I thanked her for inviting us and before we adios-ed each other, she told me that she was also going to contact, another great animal shelter, in Kerrville and as soon as she got an answer back from them—the wheels would be set in motion. And I am not sure who was more excited about their upcoming Wild Birds Unlimited dog adoption day event, but it doesn't really matter, because I can't wait to do it and I know that our dogs will have so much fun. Anyway, as soon as I know more about this super-cool event I will post it hear and also spread the word,  by talking about it on Big G's and Harley Belew's radio shows.

This afternoon after lunch, Tony and I took off, for Kerrville, to run a few errands. First, we went to get our eyes examined, but that didn't happen, because we needed to make an appointment first. After we made our appointments, we left the eye doctor and then we went to Gibson's to buy Tony some new Wrangler jeans.

While Tony was hunting blue jeans, I wandered around the store and I about fainted, because on the front of an isle, Gibson's had a leaning stack of about ten, multi-colored woven potholders for sale, just like the pretty pink one that Jean and I made yesterday. And the price tags on them were $4.99 each. And to say the least, that got me all excited about making potholders, again.

Since I was inspired by seeing that people actually bought those kind of potholders, at Gibson's and after I told Tony about Gibson's selling the potholders for $4.99, we went down the Junction Highway, for a few blocks, so Tony could drop me off, at the Home Town Craft store, while he drove over to the Wild Birds Unlimited store, in the same shopping center.

As you can guess, my hopes were high about buying a bag of pink loopers and a bag of white loopers, but unfortunately all of the loopers they had in stock were those gigantic filled bags of multi-colored loopers, just like the one I bought the other day. And that's when my smile turned upside down.

But fortunately it went back up real quick, when I heard a familiar woman's voice, say, "Nancy!" Omg, it was our good friend Daneshu, so I took off to go visit with her. While we were catching up with each others news, she told me that she was having one of her paintings framed, at River Oaks Framing Co., to give as a gift and that was why she was hanging around the craft, because they told her it would only take a few minutes for them to frame it for her.

"Daneshu, I didn't know you were an artist, too!...." And a few minutes later, she opened up her large art folder and showed me one of her most recent landscape paintings and I about fainted when I saw it, because it was absolutely beautiful.

When our dear artist friend changed the subject she asked me what I was shopping for and I was too embarrassed to tell her pink and white potholder loopers, because I was hooked on weaving potholders. So, I told her the other thing that I was shopping for. "I'm looking for a small, inexpensive shadow box frame to put something I made inside it."

"Oh, what did you make, Nancy?" she inquired. And right then and there I knew that I was busted, so I took a deep breath, and nonchalantly said, "A potholder." Daneshu, tried to hide the puzzled look on her face, because she is a sweet woman. So, I added, "I wove it and it's pink and white, but I had to have our friend Jean tie it off for me. So, actually Jean and I made it and it's real pretty."

"Daneshu, your picture is ready to be picked up, at River Oaks Framing. Please come back to the counter."

"Well, I need to go pick up my painting. It was great seeing you, Nancy, and please tell Tony that I said hello." Then she rushed off, like she was fleeing from an insane person.

And a few minutes later, I found the perfect shadow box and a pink-glittered backing and bought them. Then I walked across the parking lot to go to, Wild Birds Unlimited, to get Tony.

When I walked inside Wild Birds Unlimited, Linda, Tricia and Marguerite greeted me, from the counter. Then I had a fun visit with them and I even showed them my shadow box and pink backing for it, because they follow my blog and know all about the pretty pink potholder that Jean and I made.

"Well, I want to see your painting," Marguerite said. "When can I see it?"

"Soon," I said. "It's a gift and I can't put it up on my blog, yet...." Then we started talking about the upcoming doggie adoption day. Bottom line: We're all excited about the fun event and Marguerite even told me that she would be glad to volunteer to help transport our dogs or do anything else to help make it easier on us. And before we adios-ed each other and left this super-cool store, I purchased one of their greeting cards that has a real Fender guitar pick, on the front of it and the message inside the card is: "YOU ROCK!" And I know exactly who I am going to give it to.

Early this evening, I "hermetically" sealed the pink and white potholder, inside the shadow box and now I have to decide where to put it on display. I want it to be in the kitchen, but I am also thinking about possibly burying it outside, in a secret location, sort of like a time capsule that they put on the moon. But, the only thing bad about that idea, I would have to unseal it and leave a note about it saying something like, "Two old women made this potholder, in two days—not a 5 year old kid." Anyway, I'm hoping to make my final decision by tomorrow, after I talk to Jean about it and get her professional opinion on it.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


jwolf said...

Nancy, I think you should display it in your kitchen. It looks beautiful in the sparkly shadow box!

Also, before we start mass production of these unique, one-of-a-kind potholders we should find out how many Gibson's has sold! Or we could think "outside the box" and sew all the little potholders together and make them into soft, cuddly, doggie mats to be given to each person that adopts a dog!

At our pace though we'd be working night and day to get enough done by Dec. 2 and we're far too old for that! :-)

Fay said...

You slay me: ". I want it to be in the kitchen, but I am also thinking about possibly burying it outside, in a secret location, sort of like a time capsule that they put on the moon."

Soo funny!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! I like your suggestions. I'll find out how many potholders Gibson's has sold and get back to you. I love your idea too, about making them into doggie mats. This is so exciting thinking "outside the box," but I want to know if you expect to paid and how much.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Since you and Ian are coming down here, in February, I won't bury it, so y'all can see it, before it goes underground.