Saturday, November 5, 2016

It Dawned On Me!

As promised I am going to tell you about yesterday. Of course, Friday was a great day, too. First off, I overslept, which sort of threw a temporary wrench into my plans, because I had wanted to get up much earlier, so Hazel and  I could clean up our trailer, before Tony, Lori Darlin' and I took off for Kerrville.

You see the night before, because of the rain, we had decided to cancel dog-walking due to mud and instead just meet our good friends/volunteers, at the Thai O'cha, for a fun, delicious lunch, at 11:30.

Thursday night I had sent all of our great friends/volunteers e-mails, suggesting the new game plan and everyone was fine with it. But unfortunately, I was not able to contact Dawn, because I did not have her e-mail address or her phone number.

Anyway, yesterday morning, after Hazel went back into the closet to rest, while Tony was still outside doing his morning chores—the phone rang. As y'all well know I normally always screen phone calls and just let Carlton take the messages, so it was no big deal— I thought. But boy was I wrong.

There I was in the bathroom, just getting ready to put my dentures in, when I heard Dawn saying, "Good morning, Nancy. This is Dawn. Even though it has rained, I want you to know that I'm leaving right now and coming out there to help walk the dogs..."

I panicked, because I needed to tell Dawn not to come out here, because we would be gone and to tell her about our change of plans, but my dentures were still wading around, in Polident Overnight Whitening cleanser, inside my pretty pink, plastic container, next to the bathroom sink.

Knowing that I needed to catch Dawn before she left to come out here, I swallowed my pride, so to speak and raced to get the phone, before Dawn hung up, on Carlton. Our conversation went something like this.

"Ha Dau. Ith Nuncy."

"Hi Nancy? I am so glad that I caught you?"

"Dau, I am o glod ew culled me!...." Talk about being embarrassed, omg, I was, because after we hung up, it dawned on me that Dawn was probably thinking that I was drunk or something.

Anyway, after my disastrous phone call with Dawn, I quickly put my fake teeth in my mouth and cemented that deal. Then I took a quick shower, because I knew that we were planning to leave in less than twenty minutes.

Before we left, the rescue ranch, I had just enough time to call the restaurant, to tell our friend Song, "This is Nancy, at the rescue ranch. I wanted to give you a heads-up, because all of our volunteers and us are eating lunch there, at 11:30. We are going to need a table for fourteen..."

Flash forward, after we dropped sweet Lori Darlin' off, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get her full round of shots, including her Rabies shot, we headed straight, for the Thai O'Cha restaurant, to meet up with our dear friends.

And to say the least, we had a fun, delicious lunch with our great friends and I sat next to Dawn. And during lunch, I quietly confessed to her about me talking to her without wearing my dentures and she thought it was totally hilarious. So I said, "Well, all I can say is, "Thank goodness we weren't Skyping each other."

Today has been great, which I am sure comes as no big surprise to you. (Laugh out loud.) Anyway for our lunch I cooked Jim aka The Mineral Man's newest recipe that he kindly shared with me, the other day. Knowing full well that I would steal his recipe from him and then call it Cousin Nancy's something or other.

All that I am going to tell you is that it was absolutely delicious, because I haven't named it yet, but I will tell you that the ingredients include: steak, tomatoes, potatoes, jalapeƱo, garlic, green chiles and onion. So I am going to let you figure out how I cooked Jim's mouth-watering casserole/stew.

Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! (As long as you're wearing your dentures!)

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Anonymous said...

The green chiles on top make it look like pie...