Sunday, October 2, 2016


This week has been so busy for us and that is why I've not posted anything since last Sunday. Besides having to take care of ranch paperwork, etc. it still was fun for us.

Last Sunday Hans & Marita invited us to eat dinner with them and Stephen & Eva, on Tuesday, at Stephen's & Eva's home, in Fredericksburg. Because Hans had bragged several times about Marita's fabulous Norwegian cooking, Marita was going to do all of the cooking. And they also asked me to please bring my guitar too, so Stephen Morris, Hans and could do a little jamming.

After we had confirmed the date with them, Tony went over to Kinky's Lodge to visit with Kinky's and our good friend Brian Molnar. He's the great singer/song writer/ musician who often tours with Kinky and he also produced Kinky's latest CD, The Loneliest Man I Ever Met.

Anyway, when Tony came back home, he said, "Nance, you're not going to believe this! Brian is good friends with Hans & Marita, too...." And when we told Marita & Hans about Brian being here they asked us to invite him, too.

So late Tuesday afternoon the three of us carpooled, in Brian's rented Lexus, so we could go eat dinner with our friends and Brian brought along his guitar, too. And to say the least, "We all had a total blast. Marita is a really great cook and we had a lot of fun jamming together.

Wednesday and Thursday were quiet days, so that is why I didn't post.

Friday was a great day. Our great friends/dog-walking volunteers came out and after walking our dogs for us, we went up to, the Koyote Grill, to eat lunch together. As always we did a lot of laughing and we did a lot of talking about how great Netflix's Season-5 of Longmire was. And we were all excited about getting to watch the hilarious, Netflix sit-com, The Ranch-Season-2, which airs on Friday, October 7th.

Saturday morning and most of that afternoon we spent with our good friend Jim,"The Mineral Man," over at Kinky's Lodge, because Jim had volunteered to try to help fix the Wi-Fi problem that Kinky's guests were having trouble with.

And after Jim had to make another round trip back to his home to get his PC— he came back and solved the problem and fixed it. After all of us had used our own devices to make sure that we could all get on the Internet easily, I decided to call Kinky.

When I called Kink, I already knew that he was sitting, in the, San Antone airport, waiting to catch a plane to Australia, because I knew that he would be glad to know that Jim had fixed the Wi-Fi problem for his guests to use. And I was right.

After telling Kinky the thrilling news, Kinky asked me to please thank Jim for him and to tell him that he wanted to take Jim out to lunch to thank him, when he gets back to the ranch. "Okay," I said. "But you can thank him right now, because Jim is still here, packing us his computer stuff." Then I handed the phone over to Jim, so Kinky could talk to him. And before their conversation had ended, Kinky had told Jim that he was going to put Jim's Brisbane, Australian friends, on his Brisbane guest list  and that thrilled Jim.

And that is about it for tonight, because tomorrow is going to another busy day for us.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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