Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lorena! Lorena!

Today has been great. Early this afternoon we met our dear friends for lunch and Tony and I had so much fun.

When we got back home Carlton was flashing, on the breakfast bar, and he said, "You have five new messages and the last one made me prick-my-ears. "Nancy, this is Jim *&^%$. I am calling you and Tony to see if you can help. Yesterday, we went to the Kerr Pound and we adopted the cutest, sweetest, little, male puppy. We took him to our vet and he was wormy and under-nourished. He has a twin sister still there and....Please call me back when you get this message. Bye."

So I immediately called Jim back and told him that we could help and he could not quit thanking us for helping rescue their pup's sister.

Then Kinky's and our friend showed up, who is baby-sitting The Friedmans for him, while he is touring in Australia, so we quickly filled her in on what was going on before I called the Kerr County Animal Services to see if they still had the small puppy.

And when this very nice woman officer told me that the pup was still there I asked her to please hold on to her, because we would come and take her. While I was asking the office the hours that we could come to pick her up I asked the friendly woman to please hold for a second. Then I asked Tony if he would mind running back to Kerrville before they closed today.

Tony said, "Not a problem. Tell them I am on my way." Then our friend, who had been listening to all of these conversations told us that she might be interested in adopting this pup.

So before we adios-ed Tony, I asked him to please bring the puppy back here, instead of dropping her off, at Hoegemeyers, like we usually do, because I wanted our friend to meet her first, before we take the pup to the vet clinic tomorrow.

Then I called Jim back to tell him that Tony had left to go pick up the puppy and then we talked about  the pups. When Jim told me that they had named their puppy Gus, after Gus in Lonesome Dove, I said, "Then we'll name her Lori Darlin'! The way Gus pronounced it." And Jim was thrilled about her name, because he told me that he had been thinking the exactly same thing for her name.

While Tony and Trigger were gone to rescue this puppy, I decided to go ahead and set things up inside The Cabin, so Tony wouldn't have to do all of the work.

I went outside and carried our smallest puppy pen, back inside The Cabin and then I sat it up to accommodate a small puppy, because it was too young to be put outside. After I had put down a reusable pee pad, I found a small bowl to put her dog food in.

Then I went back into my office and grabbed one of the hundred pot-pie-pans, that I used in our Longmire—Texas Style video spoof. You know "the alien-attracting helmets" that we wore on top of our heads. And after I filled the pot-pie-pan with water and filled the small dish with some puppy chow,  then I stood back and took this picture.

An hour later when Tony & Trigger returned with little Lori Darlin' we decided to let her play outside, before we took her over to meet Kink's and our friend. And I took a few pictures.

And this one looks like her mug shot.

When we took Lori Darlin' over to meet our friend, she thought the pup was cute and before we left to come back home, she took several pictures of Lori, so she could send them to her husband.

When we got back home we introduced to all of our dogs and then we put her into her puppy pen, next to the kitchen table. 

And it didn't take us long to figure out that we needed to enlarge her pen, because she was bigger than what we had thought she would be.

And as I finish writing this post, Lori Darlin' has jumped out of her pen. So now I must go help Tony bring inside a larger puppy pen to replace the smaller one.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  

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What a cutie!!!!