Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crazy, Son Of A ^*&@^!

Today has been great, because I spent the afternoon with my super sweet sister, in Fredericksburg. Cindy had called me a few days ago and we made a date, because she wanted to treat me to lunch, in Fredtown, to celebrate my birthday.

When met up, in the Walmart parking lot, like we always do. After I had hopped into her car we decided to go eat lunch first, at a restaurant that we've never tried before. Then we took off to go find a parking space in downtown Fredericksburg.

Our plan was to walk around first, because I wanted to get a little exercise, so I wouldn't feel guilty about eating a delicious lunch, because I have been really trying to lose some unwanted pounds that  have found me lately and they won't let go of me no matter how hard I try.

Anyway our intentions were good, but we did not have to go very far at all, because unknowingly my sister had found a great parking space, on Llano Street, that was very close to the main shopping district.

And when we got out of her vehicle, we looked up and realized that she had unknowingly parked her car, in front of the Sozial Haus restaurant, a place that we've never eaten at before.

And as we stood there looking at this charming restaurant, that had great vibes and had great music playing, outside on the patio, a very friendly, nice man walked outside and greeted us, before he took off to go wait on a table, on the patio.

So we decided to eat lunch there. We were laughing about all the great exercise that we had just gotten when we decided to eat out, on the patio, because Van Morrison had just started singing one of our favorite Van-the-Man songs, Tupelo Honey. 

Then the same man came over to our table and handed us our menus and told us about their Daily Specials and then he asked us what we wanted to drink. And a few minutes later, since I am trying so hard to watch my weight I ordered their Daily Special—Chicken Pot Pie and Cindy ordered their Fiesta Salad. (Please note that my sweet, older sister has always been much, much smarter than me and she also has more will-power than me. And I personally think it is because she was the first born.)

While we waited to be served our lunch Cindy and I laughed and we talked non-stop, like we always do when we get together, because we are best friends. When this super nice waiter served us our lunch, I had been telling her about this incredibly great CEE LO & Prince Live in NYC YouTube video that I absolutely love, because the music and the beat and the energy always immediately lifts my spirit and makes me want to start dancing. "And the name of the song is Crazy and after a few minutes of CEE LO singing it, Prince appears on stage and," I said. 

"Here's your order, ladies," our waiter said. And then Cindy's and my eyes got real big, as we stared at the delicious-looking food that he had just placed in front of us. "Can I get you anything else? Okay, then Enjoy." Then he walked away.

"Nance, look at this fabulous salad..." 

Feeling guilty, I looked at it and sort of admitted, "I should have ordered that, too." Knowing that I couldn't wait to sink my dentures into the most beautiful Chicken Pot Pie that I've ever seen.

We enjoyed our delicious lunch so much that we both agreed that the Sozial Haus restaurant has the best Fiesta Salad and Chicken Pot Pie, on this Planet. 

Before we left, I asked our waiter what his name was and Ryan told me and then I asked him to please pose for me too, so I could put him in tonight's blog. "Thank you very much, Ryan. You're a great waiter and we love the Sozial Haus restaurant and their delicious food."

And then I took this picture of the Sozial Haus happy hour card that was on our table. And just so you'll know, their address is: 107 S. Llano and they serve lunch and dinner.

Before Cindy and I left a woman walked past us on the sidewalk and then she turned around and said, "Nancy! I'm Karen." I immediately recognized Tony's and my friend, because she is the woman who had told us about juicing and she had highly recommended that we get that great juice recipe book, the big book of juices by Natalie Savona. Which we did.

Anyway, Cindy and I had a fun visit with her and I was so thankful that Ryan had earlier removed my nearly licked-clean Chicken Pot Pie platter, before she saw what I had eaten. And before we adios-ed each other, she asked me to please tell Tony how much she enjoys and loves his outstanding nature photographs, on Facebook and then she gave me her newest juice recipe—Oranges, Carrots & Fresh Dill.

Then when we were about to leave, again the song Son Of A Preacher Man started playing and I immediately recognized it, but neither Cindy or I could remember who was singing it. So, we asked Ryan, and he wasn't sure either, so he asked his friend, "Who is singing that song?"

His young friend, paused to listen, and then said, "That's Janis. Janis Joplin." But Cindy and I didn't think so. So after they walked away, from our table, I pulled out my iPhone and quickly asked Siri the same question. And after a pause to listen, she said, "That is Dusty Springfield, but please don't ask me to sing it for you." And that made us laugh, because Siri was absolutely right about who was singing it.

After lunch Cindy and I went directly to one of our favorite stores—Dogologie and we both purchased a few things that we (our dogs) had to have. And as we were leaving this super cool store, I saw these flyers about the dog friendly restaurants, in Fredericksburg and picked up one for me and one for Cindy.

Then we shopped around a few more shops and I ended up buying a cute, super cool, Twinkle Bright Tree, at the Christmas Store. Then we went back to the Walmart parking lot and adios-ed each other.

On my way back home, I stopped, at the little H-E-B, in Kerrville and picked up several bags of carrots, oranges and fresh dill, so I could make Karen's new juice recipe.

And when I got home, after Tony and our four-legged family greeted me, I made this short video, so I could always remember my wonderful day that I had spent with my sister, in Fredericksburg.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. Does  Sozial mean social?

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