Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rain Check!

Yesterday afternoon around 3:15 Tony and I took off for the big H-E-B, Kerrville, so I could buy the rest of the ingredients needed to make Jim's Best Labor Day Burger recipe and to buy 200 pounds of Pedigree dog food to feed to our rescued dogs.

We decided that it would be best for us to go Saturday, before the predicted rain started and I am so glad that we did. Even though it never rained one drop yesterday.

Early this afternoon I rounded up all of the ingredients needed to make Jim's recipe and then I took a picture of them, before I started. From left to right is: celery salt, truffle salt, Adams Just Right Burger spice, minced garlic, hamburger, Worcestershire sauce, Hatch green chili and black pepper.

As I was forming the four patties it suddenly started pouring down rain outside along with thunder and lightning, that seemed to be too close for comfort. So we decided it was best to take a rain check on trying to grill them outside. So I decided to dust off my little George Foreman grill and I used it to cook the burgers—one at a time.

While the first burger was cooking/grilling, I had time on my hands, so I decided to compliment the burgers.

 So I washed some of Tony's delicious home grown tomatoes and set them aside. Then I sauteed a few mushrooms, made some fresh guacamole and that I would top off the burgers, after they were cooked, with slices of JalapeƱo Jack cheese.

By the time the first burger was cooked, I topped it with a slice of cheese and then put it into the oven to keep warmed. While number two was sizzling away, I warmed up some homemade beans that were leftovers from the other day.

When I put number three burger on the grill, Tony and I served ourselves. And this is what my plate looked like before I sunk my dentures into Jim's Best Labor Day Burgers. 

Omg! Jim's Best Labor Day Burgers were absolutely delicious. In fact, his mouth-watering recipe is now going to be our only burger recipe we ever use. So I want to salute and thank our dear friend, Jim, for coming up with this awesome easy-to-make recipe. And I can't wait to make them again and use our grill outside.

And if you are asking yourself, "But where is the bun?" My answer is awhile back, Tony and I have chosen to eat less bread to help us keep our muffin-tops from getting any bigger.

It is now two o'clock here. Our kitchen is cleaned up and it has finally quit storming here. And that is why I am posting this early today, because I might have to unplug again due to the weather.

Last Friday I posted Jim's delicious, I mean my delicious Cousin Nancy's Best Labor Day Burger recipe and I hope that everyone will try, because this great—bun or no bun recipe is the very best.   

P.S. Please note that the Truffle salt is the most expensive spice that I've ever bought ($12.95), so if you want to make Jim's fantastic recipe you are very welcome to borrow a teaspoon from me. : )

P.S.S. I have already watched six episodes of Longmire with only two more episodes to go. And all I can say is Longmire Season five is totally awesome. Longmire Rules!

Y'all have a great day/evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

Do you remember that spice place on 8th Avenue in the Far Southside of Fort Worth? I think it is Penzey's.... Did you check with them? I love that place it is a total joy to walk in for anyone who loves to cook and the really cool selection of spices will have you in there for a long time checking them out.. No it is Pendery's not Penzeys, sorry my memory left town a long time ago.... Susie from Fort Worth.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie! Yes, I do remember that cool spice place. Which is another reason why Fort Worth is great. Please tell all of my cousins howdy.

Anonymous said...

What area of Fort Worth was your main stomping grounds? I lived outside the city in the Richland Hills/North Richland Hills area, and like most people of our era I have fond memories of going downtown, riding the subway and going to Leonard's Brothers. Oh do you remember how magical that downtown Fort Worth used to be at Christmas? Yea, I miss those days.. And i will yell at the cousins. Susie from Fort Worth.