Saturday, October 22, 2016

In A Perfect World! or Mending Fences!

Today and the last few day have been great. First off, Kinky will finally be back, at the ranch, tomorrow after his three-week long tour, in Australia. And I can't wait to tell him that Jim aka The Mineral Man told me that he heard back from his friends, in Australia, that attended Kinky's concert as Kinky's guests.  Jim said, "My friends had a wonderful time at the concert. They said that Kinky was great and he even mentioned my name and talked about me while up on stage. And Kinky was so nice to them he even had a complimentary bottle of wine sent to their table for them enjoy..."

A few weeks ago, after spending, about 6 -7 months researching all kinds of wood burning stoves, I purchased an American Made cast-iron wood burning stove, at Home Depot, to heat our trailer or my cabin, because we want to get off-grid.

This Pleasant Hearth wood burning stove is EPA approved for mobile homes or manufactured homes, too and it will heat up to 1,200 square feet.

And about ten days after after getting the wood burning stove, my off-grid friend told me about also considering buying an Eco-Fan, because all of her off-grid friends use them. Even though our wood burning stove came with an electric blower, I asked her to please send me a link to the one that she uses. And after reading how incredible great these eco-fans are I purchased one, too.

Because this three pound, EPA approved, heat powered fan drives heat into your entire house or trailer without electricity. And there is no big noisy blower. It is whisper-quiet and it comes with a 10 YEARS LIMITED MANUFACTURE WARRANTY!

Now I want to show you this adorable dish towel that I love, because our dear friend/volunteer, Suzanne, gave it to me. She told me that it was not a birthday present either, because a month ago, when she was shopping, she saw it, and she said, "When I saw it—it had Nancy written all over it. I meant to give it to you sooner, but I kept forgetting to bring it to you" And when I showed the dish towel to Tony he loved it, too and he suggested that I not use it and get it framed instead. Which I am thinking about doing.

Friday morning when Suzanne and our other great friends/volunteers came out they walked our dogs for us and then all of us went to the Apple Store to eat lunch and to also celebrate my birthday. Sweet Eileen brought the cake and party plates, etc. And after we ate our delicious lunch they lit the four, long, pink candles, on my beautiful, delicious, chocolate birthday cake. 

And after they sang happy birthday to me I blew out the candles. Then these tall, thin, pink candles lit up again and again, so I finally gave up trying to blow them out and laughed and then plucked them out of the cake and put the flames out permanently, by sticking the lighted ends, into the side of the cake. And to say the least about my birthday party that they threw for me is it was so much fun and I loved their cards.

This morning two of our great friends/volunteers, Jim "The Mineral Man" and Eileen were a part of the famous, annual, downtown, Kerrville parade. Tony and I really wanted to go to the parade to see Eileen, dressed up in her famous bat-suit and to also see Jim riding, on the Hill Country Shriners Club float, but we couldn't go, because on Saturdays we always have our open-house to the Public, from 10:00 - 3:00. But the good news is that, after the parade, Jim & Kris sent me these pictures.

It is now 6:20 and I just took a short, fifteen minute break, to go help Tony mend a fence and now I am back to finish writing tonight's post and it is about Lori Darlin' who Tony rescued, from the pound, a few weeks ago.

Three days after her arrival here, Lori quit eating, so we immediately took her to Hoegemeryer Animal Clinic, because we were scared that she had Parvo, because she was so anemic. Anyway, when Dr. Craig Janssen saw her, he immediately put her of fluids and meds. When he came out to the lobby, he said the P-word and he told us that it would take about four or five days to treat her. So we were sad about her having Parvo and we left empty-handed and came home.

The good news is it only took two days for her to fully recover, so, on that Friday we picked Lori Darlin' up and brought her back home with us and we were given special feeding instructions for her.

So yesterday, late afternoon, we returned Lori Darlin' to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, for a full check up and to receive her first puppy shots. And the reason that the first time when we took Lori Darlin' to the vet clinic they told us that she was too anemic and weak to get them. And the good news is this sweet little, three-month-old pup has been given a clean bill of health and she is healthier than ever! And she and Henry Standing Bear have become the best of friends. They play constantly.

Lori still needs to get a fabulous, forever home and if any of y'all can help her find it faster than us, then please spread the word and know that she is now totally house broken and she is crate trained. And she has learned how to get along with other dogs of all sizes, including Little Debbie and Big Al(ice). And here is a picture of her that I took earlier this afternoon. She is very smart and as sweet as she can be.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. Just to show you how big Lori Darlin' is this is a picture with her and Belle and little Big Al(ice)


Fay said...

Oh, poor Lori Darlin'! So glad you found out and she can be treated. She is SOOOOO sweet! I just love her ears!!!
Have a great week at Utopia!
Fay xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Lori Darlin' is so sweet. She and Henry are in love with each other and he looks out for her. She is totally healthy now, thank goodness. If you know anyone in Toronto that might want to adopt her, it would be cool to get her up there. Thank you for commenting.