Monday, October 10, 2016

Meat Loaf! or Henry Was Here, Too!

Today has been great. This morning a very nice woman called me about if we could help a stray, female German Shepherd pup that had showed up at their home. Unfortunately, I told her that we were full, but I would gladly try to help it find a great home.

The woman also told me that she and her husband had just dropped off the pup, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to get shots, etc. and she told me that  Susan had recommended that they contact us.
"We have to go to Hoegemeyer's later this afternoon to pick up a refill of Roy Rogers' arthritis medicine," I told her. "And we'll be sure to check her out and take pictures, so I can blog about it tonight."

So after we had picked up some trash bags, at the Home Depot, we went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. When we walked inside the clinic, Susan was talking on the phone, so a sweet vet-tech stood up and greeted us, "Here's Roy's pills" she said, as she handed the blue bottle to me. "She's gone to get the sweet German Shepherd, right now, so you can take some pictures of her."

Seconds later, another nice vet-tech walked into the lobby with this beautiful pup. "We think she is between six months to a year old and she is very sweet." The anxious pup looked a little bit stressed out, due to so many life event changes, so it was difficult for met to take a picture of her with my iPhone.

So the woman who was waiting to pick up her dog moved in to help me try to get a decent picture of this beautiful German Shepherd.

After the nice woman helped me, they returned this sweet German Shepherd pup to the kennel. (Please note that Susan is still talking on the phone about a patient.) Then a young woman walked into the lobby, probably picking up her pet, too.

When Susan hung up the phone as we were leaving the clinic, she stood up, and said, "Nancy, wait. We need to show you the German Shepherd, so you can take pictures of her."

All of us in the lobby chuckled, because Susan had been so busy helping a pet owner, she hadn't noticed all of the commotion, of us trying to get a decent picture. "We've already done that," I told her.

Susan laughed, and said, "Okay?" then she paused, and said, "But, you need to know that the couple who dropped her off, asked us to tell you that a woman is coming soon to look at her, because she is interested in the pup."

"That's great news," I said. "And if she doesn't want to adopt her please ask Marguerite to come check her out."

"So you want her to shoot me?" Susan joked, because she knows that sweet Marguerite has such a big heart. And in the past, Marguerite has already adopted four dogs from us, that we had left, at the clinic, to get vetted."

"Better you than me," I jokingly shot back, as Tony I left the building.

A few minutes later, after Tony had dropped me off, in front of the big H-E-B, I heard a familiar voice half-holler, "Hey, Nancy!" I stopped and saw Jim aka "The Mineral Man" walking up to meet me.

After we grabbed our shopping carts, we followed each other inside and stopped to visit, at the Halloween candy display that looked so good we each picked up a sack of candy and put them in our shopping carts. 

We had a fun, but short visit and the last thing I asked Jim before adios-ing each other was, "What are you cooking for dinner tonight?"

"Meat loaf," Jim replied, as we took off in different directions with me wandering what his meat loaf recipe was, because he is such a fabulous, award-winning cook. And as I put a large pack of Bounty paper towels, into my basket, which took up most of the room, in my grocery cart, I decided that I would ask him for his meat loaf recipe, so I can steal that one from him, too.

As I wind up this post tonight I want to share with you Henry Standing Bear's latest home-demolition bedroom project, that commenced, in the wee hours of this morning, while we slept. I have come up with two titles for it and I'm not sure which one is my favorite: Henry Was Here, Too! or What "Wood" Henry Do!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 


Anonymous said...

Howdy! I've enjoyed your blog for a few years now and have had many chuckles.Thought
I'd return the favor and send you this great website as I think you and Tony and maybe some of your other followers might really enjoy it.There's a great story about two dogs named CC and Chewy.

And here's the happy update after you finish reading the above story.

Enjoy and have a lovely day! Dee from Canada :)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Dee! I will check it out and thank you for your comment.