Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Morrison Hotel!

Two weeks ago, about an hour before Kinky took off to do his Australian tour, our good friend Jim aka "The Mineral Man" helped Kinky solve a problem with Echo Hill's Internet connection.

Kinky really appreciated Jim's help, so he told Jim, "As soon as I get back to the ranch I want to take you out to lunch to thank you for fixing the problem."

Jim told him it was no big deal and that it wasn't necessary and that he was just glad to fix it for him. But Kinky insisted on taking Jim to lunch, because it had been a big deal for Kinky's guests that visit him, at the ranch. Then Jim had an idea.

"Kinky, I have some really great Australian friends that are huge fans of yours and I know they would love to attend one of your shows."

"Not a problem, Jim," Kinky remarked. "Give me their names and I will gladly put them on my guest list..." They had made a deal that made both of them happy and me, too.

So right about now, Jim's good friends: Caroline and daughter Jocelyn (Joc) and Kath & Gary are enjoying Kinky's performance, at the Morrison Hotel's famous Naked Whiskey Bar's "Welcome to Morrisville—American Festival."

So this evening (Friday, the 14th after talking with Kris & Jim today) as I finish writing this and have it scheduled to post for Saturday, 5:01AM, Texas Time.) Jim & Kris and Tony and I want to say, "Howdy" to Jim's great Down Under friends: Kath & Gary and Joc and Caroline and we hope that y'all had a total blast meeting Kinky and enjoying the show! And we hope that y'all will come to Texas to visit Jim & Kris, so that Tony and I and our great volunteers, at Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch  can meet y'all, too!

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