Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gus & Lori Darlin'!

Today has been great. Last night when we were fixin' to go to bed little Lori Darling was sleeping soundly, in her large crate. But ten seconds later after we had turned off the television and the lights in the big room—she started whimpering.

So I went back into the kitchen and turned on the light and the television and she was already sleeping soundly when I left the room to go back to bed.

Late this morning Tony and I took Lori Darlin' to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and we were totally impressed how good she is when going for a ride. Seriously, as soon as Tony had backed-out Trigger she curled up on the front seat and went to sleep. And the few times that she woke up she would just look around and then go back to sleep.

After dropping off this precious little girl we went down the street to Randy & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant to eat lunch and this time we both ordered the exact same thing—iced tea and their delicious Sinker Omelet.

Then we went to Wolfmueller's Books to visit with our good friends Sandy & Jon. When we arrived Jon greeted us from behind the counter and Sandy didn't because she was out running errands.

We had a fun visit with Jon, in between him helping customers find or recommend books. About twenty minutes later Sandy returned to their super cool bookstore. Then we sat down, near the counter and we laughed and caught up with each other's latest news. And after we adios-ed our friends Trigger took us home.

When we got home Susan had left a message for us, on Carlton, so I called her back. Susan told me that Dr. Janssen had thought Lori's age to be 8-9 weeks. She also told me that the small patch of missing hair on the tip of her ear was most likely caused by flies. Lori had ear mites, so they had flushed her ears and treated them and they also gave her a bath.

And because Lori is very anemic they were sending her back home with vitamins and antibiotics for us to give to her. "We will need for you to bring her back, in about ten days, when she is much stronger, then we will give her shots and spay her." So tomorrow we will go pick up Lori and bring her back home.

This afternoon, when I checked my e-mail the nice couple who had rescued Lori's brother, from the pound, sent me an update on Gus, along with the cutest picture of him. In her note she told me that Gus seemed to be already house broken and that Gus takes turns helping her husband work on his projects, in the barn and then Gus will go help her water their garden, etc. And her good news didn't surprise me at all, because seriously these two pups are super dogs. And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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