Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Bell!

Today has been great and I hope that last night y'all were able to watch Chet O'Keefe's awesome video on Facebook, because I did not know how to paste it or share it on my blog, because I am old.

This morning Chet packed up his van and then came inside The Cabin to drink a cup of coffee with us, before heading back to Terlingua with his compadres Willie and Whiskey, the sweet dog that he is temporarily fostering for us.

This afternoon after lunch, Tony and I took off for Kerrville, because we had three specific errands to run. Our first stop was at the Wild Birds Unlimited store, owned by our friends Kevin and Linda Pillow.

When we walked inside the store Marguerite and Linda immediately greeted us and then the fun party began. Marguerite told us some hilarious stories about Enzo, Odie and Mini, the three super dogs that she has adopted from us over the past few years.

Her stories were mainly about the antics of Mini, the darling Chihuahua that she adopted from us last year and Scout, the pup that we had thought was a German Shepherd mix. And it appears now that Mini is running the household and is in charge of all of the dogs and that the sweet shy, puppy, Scout, is not a German Shepherd at all. "She's a Border Collie mix!" Marguerite said.

Marguerite had us laughing so hard I would have been rolling on the floor if I had not been in a public place. After the first part of our fun visit we bought a beautiful bell and a large sack of super birdseed. "Nancy," Tony joked. "She always gets to spend more on her stuff than I do. Life is not fair."

"Tony, the bell is just one of your upcoming birthday presents to me," I teased. "Linda and Marguerite have y'all heard of Keyhole Gardens?" I asked. "Yes," they both replied. Then we got to talking about how great keyhole gardening is for arid climates, because last Sunday morning, we had all watched the interesting segment about it, on the Texas Country Reporter television show.

We talked about keyhole gardening for about five minutes. And after I had told them that we were going to make a keyhole garden and that our next stop was at, the Plant Haus, to buy vegetable plants to grow in it, Marguerite asked, "Do y'all need cardboard for it, because we can give you plenty..."

While Marguerite helped Tony fill up Trigger's backseat with a ton of folded up boxes of cardboard I was feeling guilty about getting the beautiful bell and all Tony got was another sack of birdseed.  So, I asked Linda about this certain wildflower seed display. "Nancy, these seeds come from Junction and they are the very best for growing wildflowers..."

So when Tony and Marguerite walked back inside the store, with the greatest good vibes, I asked Tony to please come check out these super seeds. And he did. And I bought them for him. I'm glad that I did it, because it made Tony happy and Marguerite gave us a hefty discount on them. "Thank you, Marguerite. Now Tony and I are even Steven."

After we adios-ed our good friends, we went directly to The Plant Haus, our favorite nursery that also has great vibes and Tony helped me pick out our vegetable plants.

Our last stop was at the big H-E-B store. While Tony filled up Trigger and bought bags of dog food for our rescued dogs, I raced around the store filling up my cart with groceries. Then Trigger brought us back to the ranch.

When we got home Tony hung up my handmade bell, on the front porch.

I love my new birthday bell! The information about this special bell says, "These completely handmade bells are very distinctive from other bells due to the family secret formula of melting various metals and adding the hand hewed wood clapper to make a melodic and echoing tone. For generations the formula has been passed on from one family member to another. The individual tuning of each bell creates the unusual resonate sound. Ring them and you will hear the melodious echo to soothe and calm you." 

And the Wild Bird Unlimited has plenty of them, in all kinds of different sizes.

This evening I plan to get started on our Fall garden, because today is the first day of Fall and we need to plant those vegetable plants that we have just purchased. So that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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