Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

The past few days have been great. Sunday afternoon, while the nice kids, over at the Arms of Hope, at the Medina Children's Home, were walking our dogs for us, the nicest family came out to check out our dogs.

They originally came out to check out Holly aka Hollywood, our sweet, five-year-old Pit, because they love that breed.

But they were also interested in Ginger, our great four-year-old Boxer and Lucille, our sweet two-year-old Boxer mix, because the family also loves Boxers.

The sweet family after meeting all of our dogs ended up loving Holly, Ginger and Lucille. They told us that they wanted to take a few days to figure out which one of these fabulous dogs they should adopt. And before they left to go back home, they told us that they would call us back, in a few days, to let us know who would be the lucky gal. 

Tony and I think that we already know who they are going to adopt, but we're keeping it a secret, just in case we're wrong. Anyway, we are still pretty excited about one of our super dogs going to a super home.

Today is Labor Day and I hope that everyone has enjoyed a great Labor Day Weekend, because Tony and I certainly have. It is approximately 3:10 here and I am fixin' to go take a short, sleepless nap with Roy, Belle, Beau, Big Al (Alice) and Little Debbie. Then I plan to re-watch a couple more of the Longmire episodes to refresh my memory, because Longmire's new Season 4, 1st episode airs this Thursday, September 10th! And Tony and I can't wait to watch it. Then my plans for the rest of my Labor Day holiday is to do some more writing/rewriting on my third novella.

Y'all have a great Labor Day/evening!

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karlee3 said...

Happy Labor Day To You Nancy