Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Only Problem!

The last few days have been quiet out here and I was able to get caught up with all of the rescue ranch's paperwork, etc. and I also got to do a lot of work on my third novella, too. So Tuesday morning, because of all of my work related accomplishments, I rented a car.

This morning, as soon as I called Harley to do his popular morning radio show I checked NetFlix to see when Longmire's 4th Season 1st episode would air today and boy was I in for a great surprise. They had all ten of the episodes for the 4th Season available to watch!

So as any loyal Longmire fan would do—I immediately sat down, with Little Debbie, on my lap and watched the first episode and it was incredibly great. In fact, it blew me away with all of the unexpected surprises.

So now my only problem is to decide if I want to binge-watch the entire 4th Season and then have to wait a year for Season 5 to air or spread it out and watch just one episode a week. It has bugged me all day long, after watching the first episode and I still haven't made a decision. And that is just another reason why my life ain't easy.

Early this evening, Tony drove me to Kerrville so I could pick up my rental car, because tomorrow morning I am going on a road trip, to a secret destination, that only Tony, Chet, Kris & Jim know about, so I can hopefully finish writing my third Cowgirl Sisterhood novella. And I seriously think that I can do it, because I plan to lock myself, inside my cabin, with just my computer, the Keurig coffee machine, iPod with its Bose iDock and my guitar and spend all of my waking hours writing without any interruptions.

I am really looking forward to my self-imposed writing-weekend and I plan on returning to Tony and the rescue ranch Monday afternoon. I wish that I could take Belle, Roy and Little Debbie with me to keep me company and make me smile, but seriously I don't need any distractions.

If the Internet is available I may take a break and try to blog some, but seriously my main purpose for taking a few days off is for me to finish writing my book. So please wish me luck with that.

Y'all have a great weekend!

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