Friday, October 15, 2010

Summa Come-Doggie!

Today has been a lot of fun and so was yesterday. I had a blast at my book signing at the Medina Community Library! My friend, Eileen Gotke surprised me and was of the first to arrive with her friend, so we got to visit with them and librarian volunteer, Susan Weeks, who set up the book signing. "At Callie Dean's dog obedience graduation on Sunday, she was awarded the Summa Come-Doggie award for being the best in her class, taught by Sharon Griswold—Kerrville's favorite Dog Whisperer. I am so proud of Callie Dean!" Eileen declared, like a proud mama.

When everyone arrived, I sat down behind a table and began talking to the audience about our rescue ranch, my book and telling them stories about the animals that we have rescued, which was easy for me to do, since I seem to have a knack—for running off at the mouth.

An hour later, after I had signed several copies of my books, the book signing was done, so I visited with several people and I want to thank everyone for coming and buying my book. And, I especially want to thank Susan Weeks and the staff and volunteers at the Medina Community Library for promoting my book signing and doing such a great job. Y'all Rock!

This morning after I walked six miles I went outside to greet and thank Ellen Jackson and Eileen Gotke for coming out to walk our dogs. Then we started talking about our first upcoming dog adoption and dog training seminar from 10a.m. to noon on Saturday, November 6th, that they have single-handily volunteered for and taken on with June's and Jim's help, leaving me with not much to do since I am so busy and OLD. Bless their hearts. They have already contacted the media and put out flyers! Thank you, Eileen, Ellen, June and Jim—I love y'all!

The free event is open to the public and is especially for those who are thinking of adopting a dog, first timers or those who would like tips on training and caring for their dogs. I am going to give a presentation and Sharon Griswold, a 35 year professional dog trainer and trainer for seeing-eye dogs will put on demonstrations and answer questions and help people choose the right kind of dog that suits their lifestyle. Besides being informative it will be a lot of fun and hopefully we will adopt out some dogs. I am really excited about it and looking forward to it.

"When Sharon gets here, come on up to the trailer so we can brainstorm about the event," I said, as they led Princess and Marlin our of their pen to take them for a walk and I walked almost all of the way to the gate entrance with them when Sharon Griswold showed up in her truck with a big, cute sign on the back window that read: "Rover Misbehavin? Private Instruction in Your Home - Basic Obedience - Behavioral Problems - Puppy Training -"

The minute I met Sharon I was very impressed with her too, just like Ellen and Eileen, who Sharon had helped train their dogs: Jermaine Jackson and Callie Dean Gotke—"The Smartest Dog On The Planet!"
While Eileen and Ellen were walking Princess and Marlin, Sharon and I visited while she and Tony worked with Mr. Rogers' fear-of-leashes problem. And before she left Mr. Rogers' and Miss Dee's pen she had given Tony some really great tips on how to work with Mr. Rogers.

By one o'clock we quit brainstorming and we all felt excited about our upcoming event. Then everyone left the rescue ranch including Tony and me, because we had to get supplies, dog food and go to the Post Office so I could mail out two of my fasterpiece watercolor paintings that I have sold on eBay. Thank you, Kirsten and Christy!

When all of our errands were run and we were ready to come home—Tony surprised me. As I climbed out of Buttermilk, in Billy's Western Wear parking lot I asked, "T., what's going on?" A few minutes later I found out and walked out of the store wearing a new pair of pink Justin Gypsy cowboy boots, just like my old ones, that Tony had secretly ordered a few days ago for my birthday present! I was thrilled, because my old ones are nearly two years old now and pretty well worn.

As we drove home Tony asked me what I was going to do with my old, pink boots. "I think I am going to make lamps out of them and put one in the Space Ship and the other in my writing cabin," I said, "or maybe I should sell the lamps on eBay?" Tony laughed.

When we got home I took off my new pink boots and took this picture of them beside my old boots, which I have named, "Pink Boots Rule—You Can Never Have Enough!"

P.S. I told Tone about going to the "Drumming" at The Yoga Place on Sunday, my birthday, that June told me about and he told me that he will go with us! (He's coming around!) This is going to be the best birthday ever! Thank you, T., I love you and my new pink boots!

Y'all have a great evening!

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