Wednesday, October 13, 2010

33 Miners Rescued!

Since yesterday was one crazy day for me, today has been a great day—thanks to Marcie and a nice man named Ronnie Eckert.

Yesterday, I had planned to catch up with all kinds of things, but early in the morning right after I had walked six miles I got a phone call from a sweet seventy-year-old woman who wanted to adopt one of our older dogs, because her fifteen year old dog had passed away and she had just received her dogs ashes.

She wanted to adopt our ten year old dog, because she had seen her on the website and she told me that our dog looked just like her dog that she loved and had cremated. An hour later before our telephone conversation ended we made a plan.

After lunch Tony and I took our dog to Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic to get her groomed. Two hours later we met this sweet lady at the clinic and forty-five minutes later (She likes to talk.) the woman adopted our dog and took her home. Tone and I were thrilled for our old dog, but not for long.

This morning at six-thirty while I was feeding the dogs, this woman called to tell me that she was sad, but wanted to return our dog to us, because she felt our dog was not happy and it took her forty-two minutes to explain why, without me hardly ever saying a word—bless her heart. I really liked this sweet, little old lady and I wish that it had worked out for both of them, but I understood. When she returned our old dog, she, not the old woman, raced to her pen to join her buddy, Chuck and she was wild with happiness to be reunited with him. I guess you could say it was a happy ending after all.

I spent the early afternoon returning as many phone calls and e-mails as I could, before I went over to the Lodge at three-thirty for my one hour massage appointment—compliments of Marcie, for an early birthday present from her and that is when I met Ronnie, the terrific massage therapist.

"Hi Ronnie, I'm Nancy," I said, as he was finishing up with Marcie, outside on the front porch of her trailer. "You're a brave man to come out here, Ronnie, because I'm fixin' to be fifty-nine and probably the oldest woman that you have ever massaged and I want to apologize in advance, because my body ain't what it used to be." Ronnie, Marcie and her friends Paz and Deborah laughed.

"The oldest woman that I have ever massaged was in her nineties," Ronnie said, as Marcie got off of his massage table. "You're next," he said to me, as he handed me a robe to go put on.

"But I am probably the oldest woman that you have ever massaged outdoors," I said, as I walked inside the trailer to take off my clothes. Before undressing I leaned out the door and asked Marce if the plumbing was working, because nature was calling. When she told me no, I went outside behind the trailer and watered some weeds. Then I went back inside the trailer, because I am modest and removed my clothes and put on the robe. Even though I was naked, I felt really naked when I pulled off my cap.

(It is now 8:06 and I just saw the 33rd Miner in Chile rescued and I love it and obviously so does the rest of world!)

As Ronnie massaged my tired, worn out, old body I started laughing and told him about a show that I had seen on Oprah a while back about famous hairstylists telling their horror stories. "This one uppity woman from New York told Oprah about finding a tick on a woman's head after she washed her hair and she was horrified and so was Oprah and the other hairstylists. People who don't live in the country don't get it. Heck, if you walk under a tree in the country they fall on you and this morning I found a tick crawling up my arm." Everyone started laughing. "Before I came over, Ronnie, I had T. check me for ticks." Ronnie started laughing.

"Ronnie, in my blog tonight I am going to say, that you said, "Well, I only found two ticks on you and the oil must have killed all of those fleas,"" I joked, as I relaxed and enjoyed his incredibly great massage for twenty minutes and then the "show" started or should I say, "All H*$# broke out!

OMG! A UPS truck drove past us, with me laying naked under a black sheet on Marcie's front porch! Then a few minutes later Kinky walks down from the Lodge with Sophie to visit and I was more than mortified. A few minutes later after he and his shadow (Sophie) left, a black car pulls up about twenty-five feet from where I was laying-in-state for the world to pay its respect to or to laugh at. "Who is that?" Marcie asked.

I looked up and waved at the vehicle, "Oh, that's Lisa, one of our great volunteers," I explained, as I waved again.

"Is Lisa a man?" Marcie asked, as Ronnie's fingers worked their magic on me. I looked up and realized that it wasn't Lisa—instead it was a young man and a young lady, so Marcie got up and went to find out who they were. A few minutes later Marcie returned. "They are a young couple from New York City that just got married and they wanted to meet Kinky..."

As the young couple climbed up the hill to the Lodge—Floyd Potter, a friend of the Friedman family that was visiting for a few days, walks up! "I've been in the woods right over there..." Floyd says, as he sits down to visit, as every muscle in my body stiffens—thinking "I bet he saw me pee behind the trailer!" So, I start laughing. Then Tony shows up with his camera!

"Just shoot me, Tony," I said, followed by a laugh, "with a gun. I've been on display for over an hour and..."

I want to thank Marcie Friedman for my free birthday massage and I want to thank Ronnie for the best massage that I have ever had. If you want a fantastic massage in Kerrville please call of go to the "Head To Toe Day Spa" and ask for Ronnie Eckert. They are located four doors down from Trisha's & Rodney's—Copies Plus!

I have got to go to bed now, because I am doing The Harley Show in the morning at 7:45 and then a book signing at 2:00 at the Medina Community Library. Wish me luck.

Y'all have a great evening!

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