Saturday, February 1, 2020

Best Buns In Town!

Today has been great and so has everyday since my last post. I've been very busy working, going on a couple of all day trips and writing.

This past Wednesday Tony and I went to visit our dear friend Jan, at her awesome horse rescue sanctuary, in Mountain Home and I fell in love with all of her beautiful rescued horses, cats, dogs, donkeys, and an adorable outlaw hog, etc.

Yesterday I went with Carol, to Bulverde, to visit one of my favorite people—her sweet sister Carla.

I loved getting to visit with Carla and her beautiful family. And while I was there I fell in love with their sweet cat, who dared anyone to remove him from Carla's lap.

I spent this morning writing non-stop and this afternoon, after lunch, I was writing and I thought my worldly travels were over, but we needed to go to Kerrville to pick up supplies at the big H-E-B store on Main Street. So I had to quit writing. Dang.

I didn't want to quit writing, because I only have about ten more pages to write before finishing my book.

Anyway, I had just written this scene where Tony, Chet and Randy rode the horses to the bottom of a butte, in Terlingua, in hopes of rescuing Carol and me, but instead they were captured by aliens. Here is a peak of what I had written:

"At 3:33 to be exact, this blinding light, high above the butte, beamed down on the three cowboys, from this huge flying saucer and it created a wide circle around the three men. The drenching rain instantly stopped, inside this brightly lit ring and neither Tony, Chet or Randy could talk or move. It was like they were paralyzed or frozen in time. Then the beam of light went out and the men were gone and so was the spaceship."

I was disappointed that I had to quit writing right then, because I was trying to decide if or when the men are returned to Earth and if they would be stripped of all of their cowboy clothes, except for their underwear and socks, because aliens LOVE everything cowboy—especially the cowboy hats, Wrangers, buckles, belts and cowboy boots.

So, I daydreamed all of the way to Kerrville, as Tony drove Trigger to the big H-E-B, but I still hadn't made a decision about what will happen to Tony and his search party. Will they return to Earth or not?

After we left the grocery store we went down Main Street and Tony parked Trigger in front of the Wild Birds Unlimited store, because we wanted to visit with our friends: Marguerite and Linda & Kevin Pillow, the friendly owners.

When we walked inside the store all of our dear friends greeted us and then sweet Marguerite ran over and gave me a big hug.

I love Marguerite so much and after the hugs she and I immediately started catching up with each others news. And we mainly talked about our dogs, cats and her birds and I did make a point to brag that Little Debbie and I are going to be actresses in Jay Pennington's and Gerry Olert's upcoming Short Western—Vinegar to Honey.

While Marguerite was telling me about one of her dogs that she had adopted from our rescue ranch, I couldn't help but notice that Linda had come away from the counter and she had started decorating a display near us. I teased Linda, and said, "Linda, you're not fooling me. You do this every time I come in here, because you know I will buy whatever you display."

And we had a good laugh about it and yes, I did end up buying one of the coolest bunnies on her newest display and I told Tony that it was his Valentine gift for me. Bottom   Line: This is the second bunny that I  have purchased from Linda & Kevin's awesome store, because I LOVE bunnies and they have the best buns in town!

When Tony and I got back home and after we had put up the groceries I pulled my bunny out of the Wild Birds Unlimited sack and I could not quit admiring it.

Here is a picture of the first bunny I purchased from Wild Birds Unlimited. It is made of wood and wrapped inside a metal strip. And it always gets noticed when we have friends over.

And here is Tony's shiny bunny Valentine gift for me that I LOVE so much!

As I finish writing this, because I love my new bunny so much, I've decided that Tony, Randy and Chet will definitely be returned to Earth, but that is all that I am saying about it. But wouldn't it be cool if these aliens that captured them—looked like rabbits? And that is all the men can remember about their abduction?

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!


Mari of the NoMads said...

So I have this mental picture of you being driven around trying to decide how to end your novella and all the while you are munching Twizzlers.....

You gotta admit it has all the makings of a good (?) commercial!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Laugh out loud!

Fay said...

The new book sounds intriguing and I love the Title! Good luck with it, can't wait until it's available!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I am now editing and just so you'll know—you made the cut and are mentioned a few times in the book!