Sunday, January 19, 2020


At last I have the time to write a post, because we've been too busy working and I've been spending all of my spare time writing/wrapping up my 3rd novella. Seriously, I probably only have  about ten more pages to write to finish it.

Before I write any more I have three recent pictures that I've taken of Henry Standing Bear. The first two are of Henry Sitting Bear and the last one I just like Henry Resting Bear.

This afternoon our dear friends Lisa and Eileen came out, so they could search for arrowheads with Tony, while I entertained them with some of my favorite songs. 

But before the three of them started digging away and sifting through dirt while listening to great music, Lisa handed me her empty bottle of Le Cigare Blanc that has an alien head stamped on the top of the bottle cap and a picture of an alien craft beaming a green light, down on a town.

Lisa gave me this wine bottle, because right after we had had our first AACC (Ancient Alien Coffee Club) meeting she and her husband went to San Antonio. And when they were enjoying their  lunch, Lisa saw their wine bottle and she took it as a sign that our AACC was right on track, because neither her or her husband knew anything about this fine wine when they had ordered it. 

And because I had agreed with Lisa that it was definitely a sign—she saved the bottle and gave it to me , so I could put it in my writing cabin—The Last Resort. And here is the link to Bonny Doon Vineyard, so you can see the label more clearly to see the alien spaceship beaming down on the small village. 

So, outside, during "the dig" Lisa told us that this is a great tasting wine, so she, Tony and I went ahead and nominated Eileen to be in charge of refreshments at our future AACC meetings. And in so many words we told Eileen that since Le Cigare Blanc is our club's official wine we would recommend that she brings it to all of our future meetings. 

But now that I think about it, we might need to change the time of our (breakfast) coffee club to late afternoon events, so we can drink this wine instead of coffee.

Anyway, Tony and I had a wonderful time with Lisa and Eileen today and we did do a lot of laughing.

FYI: It appears that Tony and I will be working a lot of hours this week, so this is my post for today, because I need to get back to my writing.

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!

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