Monday, February 10, 2020

Happy Birthday #66!

Today has been a total blast, but before I tell you about it I must tell you about Saturday and yesterday.

On Saturday knowing that our next AACC (Ancient Alien Coffee Club) was today, at Randy & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant, I decided that I wanted to make Eileen an alien-attracting-helmet for her 66th surprise birthday party, which we celebrated today.

So Tony and I went to Kerrville to get shiny stuff and lightning bolts at the party store. Then we went to Home Town Crafts Store, located in the same strip center, so I could buy more stuff for her helmet. And our last stop for supplies was at Walmart to buy the basic helmet (colander). Then we went to the small H-E-B, so we could order a birthday cake for Eileen.

I ordered a chocolate cake with white icing and the trim and lettering was green. And this is what I wanted written on the top of it:

Ancient Alien #66

And please note HBE stands for Happy Birthday Eileen!

When we got back home I used my charm to recruit Tony to help me make Eileen's fancy alien-attracting helmet. Originally, I was going to use my hot way gun and do all of the work, but after I had moaned and groaned about getting hot wax on me and it burning—Tony offered to do the gluing. So under my careful instruction, as I looked over his shoulder, he did most of the work. And here is the end result.

Needless to say Tony and I were very pleased with our hard work and Tony wanted to take a picture of me wearing it. So we went outside and Tony took this picture, but I had to crop it down to this size, so I wouldn't look so fat.

Sunday morning after we worked next door, I decided that we needed to go back to Kerrville, so we could pick up the birthday cake and deliver it to Lisa's Save Inn. And also because I wanted Tony and I to make us alien-attracting-helmets to wear at the party.

After we had delivered the cute cake to the Save Inn, Tony and I made the same rounds again. And our last stop was at Walmart to buy me a helmet.

We only bought one helmet/colander, because Tony wanted to use one of his old straw cowboy hats for his alien-attracting-helmet.

Long story short—when we got back home Tony and I worked on our helmets. And while I decorated my helmet, Tony made antennas for his cowboy hat. And we did a lot of laughing, because we decided to just write #65 on the front of his helmet to tease Eileen. Because for years Tony and Eileen have had a running joke about Eileen being so much older than him. Even though she is only a few months older than him. This is what we came up with:

And yes, there is a green bunny on the top of my alien-attracting helmet, but you will have to read my third novella to understand the significance of the green bunny. (I still have much final editing to do before publishing it, but it is coming along.)

This morning Tony and I and Lisa arrived before anyone else in our AACC got there, so we decorated the table and placed Eileen's birthday cake in the middle of the table. And the waitresses and customers kept laughing as they watched us and stared at our goofy-looking alien-attracting-helmets. Then it was show time!

Eileen was the last to arrive, so when she walked inside the restaurant we all hollered "Happy Birthday Eileen!" And let's just say that Eileen was shocked when she saw her #66 alien-attracting-helmet. And then Tony and I put on our alien-attracting-helmets and everyone was laughing.

Bottom   Line: The food was delicious, we surprised Eileen and our Ancient Alien Coffee Club meeting was very interesting. And when it was time to end the party, this sweet older woman walked over to our table, and said, "I just want to thank y'all for a very enjoyable breakfast, because your laughter kept us laughing...."

Before we adios-ed everyone inside, the friendly waitress asked if they could take pictures of us wearing our alien-attracting-helmets and after posing for them and several other people, sitting at their tables taking pictures of us, we went out on the steps of The Save Inn, for another short photo session. 

And the reason that I am laughing so hard, in this picture, is because Eileen will never know that after making my helmet, I stole the pink straps from her helmet and put them on my alien-attracting-helmet.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

That is so fun and hilarious! Ya'll have a blast in TX, love it!
I bet Eileen had one of her best Birthday celebrations ever!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I wish you could have been here for Eileen's birthday party and our AACC meeting. I am betting that it was #66's weirdest birthday ever.