Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I Saw The Light! or The Screen Shot!

Today has been great. I got a lot of editing done this morning before going to work for a few hours.

We went to Kerrville earlier this afternoon to run a few errands and when we got home my super-cool "cheater (non-prescription) glasses" with LED lights on the front had arrived and I am thrilled with them.

Up until last month, I never knew about these kind of "lighted" glasses, until Lisa and Eileen had come over to dig for arrowheads with Tony. When Eileen showed us hers I just had to get a pair for myself. And they cost me less than $10.00 on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING!

Tony was outside when I put my new glasses on and I had "turned on the headlights" and when he came back inside he burst out laughing when he saw me, and asked, "Are you really going to wear those things?"

So I dimmed the lights, actually I turned them off, because they don't have a dimmer switch, and I replied, "Yes! I love them and we should get you a pair." Needless to say Tony said nothing and went back outside.

About an hour ago, I decided to check my e-mail, so I took off my bifocals and put on my new pair of LED glasses. And I am delighted to tell y'all that from now on I will always wear these glasses when using my computer—even though Tony thinks I look crazy wearing them.
Here are pictures of my new headlights:

These glasses remind me a little of what Clark Kent wore. Except when you turn them on. Maybe I should buy a cape?

Anyway, with my headlights on, I checked my e-mail and Eileen #66 had sent everyone in our AACC (Ancient Aliens Coffee Club) this e-mail with this screenshot from her phone:

After I read this alert I almost fell out of my chair and I almost broke my new glasses that fell to the floor, but Henry Standing Bear came to my rescue and he licked my face. And if I had not been fast enough—Henry would have accidentally broken my glasses or better said—"Henry was in the headlights!"

After settling down, I put my glasses back on and sent this e-mail blast to our AACC members:

"Omg! I love this!! i cannot wait to discuss this!...Nancy"

And seconds later, my e-mail to my friends in the club, bounced back and informed me there was an error and the delivery had failed. "What? You've got to be kidding me? And why now?" 

So I quickly resent my response again, and fortunately, this time it was delivered. 

BUT, when I started reading all of the earlier replies from our club members, #74 reported to us that she did not receive the screen shot. And it makes me wonder. It makes me wonder what I am going to fix us for dinner.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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